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Inspirations for Final Projects: Lots of Links

This documentary is a critical look at hip-hop and connects directly to what we've been talking in terms of representation and BET):

Beyond Beats and Rhymes
Directed by Byron Hurt

Radio / Audio Programs:

StopryCorps - NPR audio documentaries

Radio Diaries

AIDS audio documentary project

Saving the Sierra Map of Stories

DJ Spooky

Examples of Citizen-Journalism:

Chicago's Hood News Broadcasting
myspace site
Watch episodes HERE


"New Media" Stories

SPARC murals (project from our reading)

Graffitti Research Lab


Current TV

Media That Matters Film Festival

Slip of the Tongue originated when I was asked to participate in a filmmakers conference in Connecticut in 2005. In order to go, I had to produce a one minute PSA that incorporated the theme of how youth are making a difference. Being a lover of spoken word, I wrote out a vague treatment about how many youth utilize poetry to change the world through self-expression. The organizers of the conference immediately rejected my treatment and told me that I needed to have a solid story line. Then one day, the idea suddenly came to: I would take a poetry recording and apply images to it. The slam poem “Slip of the Tongue� by my friend Adriel Luis stood out to me since it actually told a story and was structured just like a film with an introduction, conflict, climax and resolution. And so after 2 weeks, I finished my 1 minute PSA, and eventually, it turned into a complete 4 minute short.

by Mireille Miller-Young, PhD, Assistant Professor of Women's Studies, UC Santa Barbara
Made as part of her course "Black Feminist Multimedia", this short video is about the problematics of desiring ourselves, once, as women of color our bodies have already been colonized. How can we decolonize our bodies and still engage them in the pursuit of self-authored desire, pleasure, and representation?

Trouble The Water

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