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BRING VIDEO CAMERAS TO CLASS NEXT WEEK! (we need 4-6 cameras for in-class exercise)

Here are FREE CAMERA RENTALS for UMN students:

For CLA Students:
Loaner EQ from CLA OIT
- digital video cameras
- microphones & audio mixers
- location lighting kits
Make online reservations!

EQ from Wilson Library
Available by reservation only!

EQ Available for 3 Day Loan:
- MiniDV Sony DCR-HC32
- Portable Hard Drives (3)

EQ Available for 1 Week Loan:
- 80GB Firewire/USB2

Plus, Wilson SMART Learning Commons Hardware List (in library use, I think)
32 Productivity Pcs with CD burners
2 Productivity iMacs with CD burners
1 Multimedia PC with Epson Scanner and DVD/CD burner
1 Multimedia Mac with Epson Scanner and DVD/CD burner
2 Digital Camcorders
3 External Hard drives
1 Flash Memory Card reader
1 Black and White / Color Printer

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