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Category 4. Online media analysis

For this assignment you are to browse the Internet (feel free to use many of the suggested sites like CurrentTV, radio stories, media that matters film festival, and other sites linked on this blog in previous weeks... just scroll down!), and look for stories (and/or photos, creative work) that resonant with themes from this class (read: stories and representations of race, gender, class, technology, countering of stereotypes, marginalized / oppressed peoples, and other key categories and concepts discussed in class and course readings).

To recap a bit, this term we've discussed how the telling of stories in communities build identities, construct meaning, and makes connections amongst communities and the world. Use this assignment to investigate these modes and dimensions of digital media & storytelling, analyze the role of digitized media as a method of individual healing, and examine media as tools for community organizing and development. Use this assignment to explore, examine, and reflect on the gendered, racialized, and classed dimensions of digital media and storytelling.

For this assignment browse news sites, creative online spaces, community websites, online media festivals, and any web-based sites, spaces and places are using digital media and storytelling to:

- preserve memory with/in communities of color
- write histories of communities of color
- learn about people and communities of color
- entertain within communities of color or about communities of color
- organize communities of color
- community healing with/in and beyond communities of color

Write a short 150 - 300 word reflective analysis of a particular story or a site that centers digital media, storytelling that happens in or with communities of color.

Make sure to LINK us to your source and embed an image (if it's a visual piece of media like photographs, essays, or video).

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