Final Blog

Well, Class, I guess we've reached the end of this part of our journey together. I rather enjoyed the time we spent together all the smiles and tears we've shared......etc.etc.

I'm not quite sure what all needs to be said here. I thoroughly enjoyed this class (the curriculum as well as the environment and classmates). I do suggest this class continue to be a presence and a resource within the two departments its offered perhaps as well in another department (journalism?). I had great fun sharing and hearing stories and getting to know you all. This course has definitely equiped me with some valuable skills to be used in the VERY near future. Thank you to Profs Walt & Rachel for hosting and facilitating such a great class, I look forward to working with you both in future endeavors. and to my fellow classmates goodluck telling your stories and remember to make sure you can see light in the eyes of those you interview on camera.

Great class. Great teachers. Great environment. I expected to learn a lot and I learned much more. I hope this class continues on.

...The End...