Final Thoughts (The Dream)

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I am glad this semester is over (whew), with the exception of this class of course. I’ve never had a class that has so much to offer. It seems so open that there’s no limit to how much you can gain and learn from it. There should definitely be a follow up to this course and have this class as the prerequisite. But now that it’s over… what will I take from this course?

I will take everything that comes with it, the people, the environment, the structure, the curriculum, the style, and the instructors (no substitutes please). Some of you have asked me why I refer to myself as “The Dream,? well the answer is simple, I chose the name after the first week of class when I started dreaming… dreaming about what I can accomplish and how I can achieve those goals through the curriculum offered in this course. I thought about the power of a story, and how all stories have a special meaning…and only if those stories could be told… now that’s a dream. A lot of people dream about their stories being told because they want their voices to be heard. This course has taught us the importance in telling those stories truthfully, not skewed or twisted like most mainstream media do to benefit their networks and maintain certain stereotypes. If only these stories were told in their true form. Remember the first exercise in class was to state what the best medium is to tell a story. I still stand by my choice that there is no best medium, so long as the story is told in its true context and nothing is taken away.

This course is unique in the sense that it allows for students to help teachers, teachers to help students, and students helping each other, it is an experience to remember. That’s exactly what this course is…AN EXPERIENCE, not a class. It was the start of “The Dream,? a name I never used before, and now I hope that it lives on forever and take everything from this course to benefit society at large. It only takes one voice to start a movement.

To Professors Walt Jacobs and Rachel Raimist, thank you very much, your vast experience and knowledge was a strong part of this courses success; and your personality and characters made it easy and comfortable for all students to feel welcome and open up. To all of my classmates, keep making those stories; you have many hidden talents to express many different ways. If you need some resources to continue developing your talents, stop by MTN (Minneapolis Television Network), public access television at its best. Make shows to air on TV and upload to the WEB with the help of some friendly staff members (yeah me included). If you need more info… go to or email me at or

Make sure you’re on the lookout for a new breed of shows and storytelling on THE DREAM CHANNEL with shows like “Sounds of the Beat? and many more to come. Once again, Thank You All.

Peace, Love & Prosperity,

Fanuel (The Dream)

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Wow, I was really moved by your final thoughts on the class. I've been writing a lot lately on my own experiences of the class but have found your words to say so succinctly what I've been trying to touch on in terms of the class's power to help us see new possibilities. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here. I really look forward to following "The Dream" and where you and your vision take us.