It is hard to sum up what I think of this class and the experiences I have had in such a short way but here goes. I loved this class and am so sad to be saying good bye to digital storytelling. I went into this class uncertain of what to expect but the further we got into the class the more I enjoyed going to class week after week. It helped that both staff were so passionate about their work! I haven't met anyone more excited and energetic about the material they were teaching. Rachel and Walt, you two made this class. I enjoyed the learning the different components of digital storytelling and it helped that you two were willing to share your own personal stories with the entire class. I have learned a great deal about what a story truly is and I thank you both for that.

A story is not always a up and down roller coaster with a happy ending, real stories show struggles and sometimes the harshness of reality. And it is okay to show this. We are living in a world with such negative news with people who are continually trying to be positive, sometimes we just need to know the truth and this is what digital storytelling can do. Telling a story takes a lot of commitment from the creator and editor. Being able to tell a story is not hard, knowing how to a story to receive a reaction is difficult and the whole purpose of telling a story.

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