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Coming from the heart of the Twin Cities... Vocalist, MC, and Artist Maria Isa has been making waves in the Twin Cities and Puerto Rico.

Recently, we caught up with Maria to see what she's been up to. She gave us her take on the recent presidential election and the role of women and persons of color in politics. She also spoke about her role in society as an artist, the impact of music, and some the work she's doing in the community.

Maria Isa in her own words...

Check it out!

(Click here to watch the video.)

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Wow, besides the fact that your video is just great, its awesome that your subject was so relaxed and so comfortable in front of the camera. It makes the interview much easier to watch and get into. Fantastic.

That was ridiculously good man. I had no idea about Maria Isa prior to this video but now you got me really interested in her music and community work. I mean I'm not even going to get into the technical stuff because i know you got that down. I love your camera placement. A great idea to shoot with two cameras simultaneously because it was a beautiful combination cutting back and forth between the two shots. I absolutely loved the camera shooting from the lower angle cause it made her a very significant figure... Some people got it and some people don't. you definitely have it. keep doing it man.

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