November 7, 2008

Economic Situation Discussion

I apologize for all my events posts being so political, but this may be interesting to all of us, as the economic crisis i affecting all of our lives. It also may be helpful in helping us write our stories for the final project.

Tuesday November 18, 2008, 6:00-8:00 pm

3M Auditorium (Room 1-115), Carlson School of Management

The current financial crisis impacts not only Wall Street and the United Stated financial markets, but also the global economy and people in other parts of the world. Join us to learn more about the impact of the financial crisis in the Global South and on U.S. communities of color and immigrant communities.**

A panel of distinguished scholars will offer insights into these dimensions of the current economic situation and answer your questions. Among the speakers are:

Professor Nasrin Jewell, Department of Economics, College of St. Catherine

Professor August Nimtz, Department of Political Science, University of Minnesota

Professor Peter Rachleff, Department of History, Macalester College

Professor Joe Soss, Cowles Chair for the Study of Public Service, Humphrey Institute, University of Minnesota

Moderated by Regents Professor ERIC SHEPPARD, Department of Geography and Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change, University of Minnesota

Event cosponsored by Institute for Advanced Study and Institute for Global Studies

Further information can be found at ICGC website at

November 3, 2008

Schneider's Drug Store - November 5th Coalition

“The American Renaissance� – community discussion
7:30, November 5, 2008, Tom Gupta’s Drug Store, 3400 University Ave. Mpls.

The November 5th Coalition is an all-partisan alliance committed to civic partnerships that address our biggest challenges. The Coalition is named for the day after the election in 2008 when a new chapter of America’s civic history begins. Wherever the people gather they should be able to ask candidates “November 5th questions� about how they plan to tap the talents of the whole society, instead of posing as superheroes who will solve our problems for us. We will also develop leadership networks and civic policies that can serve as resources for a new administration. We encourage our fellow citizens to join with us in calling on candidates to rise above excessively divisive partisanship and to promote the common good.

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October 23, 2008

Short film on John Turnipseed (Founder of local Blood gang, turned life to God and community)


This story is very important in understanding a majority of our people in urban neighborhoods. It is a very important film on the life of a Central Neighborhood lifelong resident. John grew up in South Minneapolis and was involved in gang leadership, eventually becoming a repeat prisoner. Beginning with his father and extending to his grandson, four generations have been: shot, in prison, high school drop-outs, violent, deadbeat dads, un-fathered. Thirty (30) extended-family members are in prison, (10) for murder, and form The Rolling 30 Blood Street gang.

This is the story of the experience of most current and former prisoners from urban neighborhoods. John spent 10 years in prison, over three terms . But he came into The Fathering Center at Urban Ventures as our first client, and now has built a program that reaches 600 men a year, and 200 women. His work has attracted the Amicus organization to select him their first Everyday Hero featured in a TPT public television series. Therefore:

Please be our guest for the world premiere of "Turnipseed", the first in a series of 3 short films about the life of John Turnipseed, a powerful story about the redemption of a feared gang leader. Many gifted local and international film industry professionals came together for this collaborative effort between Five Stone Media, Awaken Films and Urban Ventures. Among them are Clarke Peters and Larry Gilliard, Jr. from the critically acclaimed HBO series “The Wire�, who dramatically play the two lead characters in the film. "Turnipseed" was filmed entirely in Minneapolis and St. Paul, with many scenes taking place in our very neighborhood where its namesake, John Turnipseed, has spent much of his life.

Through this groundbreaking effort, 5-Stone Media, Urban Ventures and Awaken Films have laid out a clear vision of cultural change and transformation. "Turnipseed" has the potential to affect the lives of thousands of incarcerated and newly released prisoners, as well as offering an alternative to young men who currently see crime and gang life as their only choice.

The astonishing true story of John Turnipseed's life and ministry simply had to be told. We would be honored to have you as our guests at the premiere of this truly revolutionary film. See "Turnipseed", part one in a trilogy, and hear our vision and plans for the future. It will change many lives... it just might change your life!

Your RSVP goes to: , or to Deanna Martin at 612-638-1004

October 20, 2008

Event: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants [we will attend as a class]


Click HERE For pdf of flyer

Suggested Event: 1969 Morrill Hall Takeover: Reflections on Black Bodies in Resistance


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September 25, 2008

SEE THIS FILM!: Trouble the Water (NOW at Landmark Lagoon Uptown)

Landmark Lagoon Cinema
1320 Lagoon Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, USA
(612) 825-6006
2:10 4:40 7:20 10:00pm

Trouble the Water opens the day before Katrina makes landfall, just blocks away from the French Quarter but far from the New Orleans that tourists know. Kimberly Rivers Roberts is turning her video camera on herself and her 9th Ward neighbors trapped in the city. “It’s going to be a day to remember,� Kim says excitedly into her new camera as the storm is brewing. It’s her first time shooting video and it’s rough, jumpy but dense with reality. Kim’s playful home-grown newscast tone grinds against the audience’s knowledge that hell is just hours away. There is no way for the audience to warn her. And for New Orleans’ poor, there is nowhere to run.


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FREE Screening: Chicago 10 @ Walker

Chicago 10
Directed by Brett Morgen
Thursday, October 2, 7pm
Walker Art Center Cinema – FREE

At the 1968 Democratic Convention, the Chicago Police Department violently clashed with protesters and the resulting riots were witnessed live by a television audience of more than 50 million. Eight protesters were charged with conspiracy. Chicago 10 explores the buildup to and unraveling of their trial. Filmmaker Brett Morgen (The Kid Stays in the Picture, On the Ropes) amassed 180 hours of 16mm film, 40 hours of video, 14,000 photographs, 200+ hours of audio, 23,000 pages of court transcripts—and commingled it all with motion-capture animation to craft this work of experimental cinema—a parable of hope with connections to current events. 2007, 35mm, 110 minutes.

Following the screening, join Morgen and documentary filmmaker Matt Ehling (Urban Warrior, Security and the Constitution) for a discussion about their practices in media and their commitment to staying true to a story. Moderated by University of Minnesota media and ethics scholar Jane Kirtley.

September 24, 2008

Suggested Event: "Sidewalks Saving Lives"



September 17, 2008

Event at the Weisman Art Museum

I am sorry I don't have a picture to make this entry look pretty, but nonetheless, this event may be of interest to some of you!

September 13, 2008

Twin Cities Black Film Festival


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