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A short narrative using all still photos (documentation of filmmaker's everyday life):

For AÑO UÑA, Jonás Cuarón began taking photographs throughout one year, spontaneous images of people in their everyday lives, with neither posing nor staging. Jonás knew while taking the photographs that he would use them to make a film, but there was no plot because the recorded events followed the characters, themes and stories of the year.

At the end of the year, Jonás and Eireann Harper completed an installation in which they mounted the thousands of photographic images in one room, ordered in scenes composed of shots. Consistencies began to emerge. Two people in particular reoccurred, Jonás’ girlfriend, Eireann, and his brother Diego. They became the narrative’s protagonists

There is a UK competition inspiring others to make similarly stylized shorts:

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[this is a narrative, NOT doc piece, but shows you other forms of all stills]

Between You and Me - dir. by Patryk Rebisz
Award-winning short film shot with still camera. Over 2000 photographs were stitched together to form movement.

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I always felt uneasy with the idea of guided tour of a slum as part of a tourist itinerary of Rio de Janeiro - is it just shameless voyeurism or a way to experience the favela, where many argue lies the cultural heart of the city? For this film, I embark on a rather unusual journey to experience first-hand this new industry of favela tourism - from cruising through Rochina in the back of a jeep with a bunch of scared tourists to staying in a Favela Hotel wondering if the gunshots will keep me up at night. Along the way I speak to tourists, residents and guides to find out whether favela tourism helps the community or exploits - bindumathur, filmmaker

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[also about Brazilian favelas (projects)]

trailer for "Favela Rising" (we will watch clips from the DVD in class]

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[stuff I linked Amanda to for her piece about feminism & music, but i thought you might enjoy also!]

trailer for "don't need you"

girls rock! the movie

"A Vision of Students Today"

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a short video summarizing some of the most important characteristics of students today - how they learn, what they need to learn, their goals, hopes, dreams, what their lives will be like, and what kinds of changes they will experience in their lifetime. Created by Michael Wesch in collaboration with 200 students at Kansas State University.

“Your One Vote?

An Original Play by Intermediate Acting
Inspired by the Elections

A few of us in Jan Mandell’s acting class attended a political action camp that inspired all of us to start talking about politics and the elections. We talked, wrote, researched, and collaborated to create an original performance entitled “Your One Vote?. With the support of teachers, interns, and local visiting artists we created a theater piece that includes acting, singing, film, poetry, and monologues. This work expresses our concern for our future. Please join us!

“If anyone’s looking for hope for America, they should come see this show.? -Audience member

“This is the most honest, thought provoking and inspiring piece I’ve seen about the elections. These young people have insight, wisdom and a perspective not represened anywhere else in the Twin Cities.? -Audience member

Four Performances:
Friday, October 31st 9:30-10:30 am
Monday, November 3rd at 9:30 am
Evening performance November 3rd at 7:00pm

Black Box Theater, Central High School
275 North Lexington Parkway, St. Paul

Donations are welcome

Here are some stories about the program:

Inspirations for Final Projects: Lots of Links

This documentary is a critical look at hip-hop and connects directly to what we've been talking in terms of representation and BET):

Beyond Beats and Rhymes
Directed by Byron Hurt

Radio / Audio Programs:

StopryCorps - NPR audio documentaries

Radio Diaries

AIDS audio documentary project

Saving the Sierra Map of Stories

DJ Spooky

Examples of Citizen-Journalism:

Chicago's Hood News Broadcasting
myspace site
Watch episodes HERE


"New Media" Stories

SPARC murals (project from our reading)

Graffitti Research Lab


Current TV

Media That Matters Film Festival

Slip of the Tongue originated when I was asked to participate in a filmmakers conference in Connecticut in 2005. In order to go, I had to produce a one minute PSA that incorporated the theme of how youth are making a difference. Being a lover of spoken word, I wrote out a vague treatment about how many youth utilize poetry to change the world through self-expression. The organizers of the conference immediately rejected my treatment and told me that I needed to have a solid story line. Then one day, the idea suddenly came to: I would take a poetry recording and apply images to it. The slam poem “Slip of the Tongue? by my friend Adriel Luis stood out to me since it actually told a story and was structured just like a film with an introduction, conflict, climax and resolution. And so after 2 weeks, I finished my 1 minute PSA, and eventually, it turned into a complete 4 minute short.

by Mireille Miller-Young, PhD, Assistant Professor of Women's Studies, UC Santa Barbara
Made as part of her course "Black Feminist Multimedia", this short video is about the problematics of desiring ourselves, once, as women of color our bodies have already been colonized. How can we decolonize our bodies and still engage them in the pursuit of self-authored desire, pleasure, and representation?

Trouble The Water

Watch This!

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Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai

I started teaching a new "Intro to Video" class at IFP MN last night. My Mac students asked me to share my work with them, which got me thinking that I could/should share some of my work [beyond digital stories] with you all too. Here's goes:


- Sample Reel of MOSTLY RAP/HIP-HOP

- Video projection (shown here with "scratch" track) of TRACKS with Tish Jones [for show at the Walker]

- Video projection (shown here with "scratch" track) of PINK LADIES with Moira Pirsch [for show at the Walker]

- Experimental digital shorts [blog series]: ghostbox #1: killer cancer cells

- Short doc of IF I COULD HEAR MY MOTHER PRAY: a performance ethnography of Black motherhood

- Excerpt of (non-distributed version of) ESTILO HIP HOP

- Excerpt of STILLWATER POETRY [imprisoned intellectuals] documentary (work-in-progress)

- Excerpt of NOBODY KNOWS MY NAME [about women in hip-hop]

- Excerpt of FREESTYLE: THE ART OF RHYME [role: videographer/co-editor]

- Promotional short for event I co-founded B-GIRL BE: A CELEBRATION OF WOMEN IN HIP-HOP

- Video projection (looping reel) for B-Girl Be: A B-Girl Is...