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Rachel's Test Ten Things

Rachel is the BEST teacher ever!


1. I love my kids (most days)
2. I love my students (most days)


10 things about me
10. I have been a TA a whole bunch of times already 
9. I think teaching is the hardest thing in the world
8. I'll be a lawyer in a few years, but I bet teaching will still be harder
7. I'll always work in education one way or another
6. I think Biggie was better than Tupac
5. I plan on being an author one day (after taking care of the lawyer thing)
4. I love reading and writing, but I don't have enough time for either
3. I grew up in Duluth, MN 
2. I love watching movies, but that's another thing I don't really have time for
1. Writing this post took longer than I thought

Evan's Top 10

My account is up and running, thanks guys. I was born and raised in Saint Paul. I love hanging out with friends and just chilling out. In school, I loved to study languages. I'm planning in majoring in both Global Studies and French at the University. When I was in high school, I studied abroad during my junior year. It had a huge influence on my life and effects the decisions I make today.

My top 10:
1) I love pizza, and used to work in a pizza place
2)I love learning about languages and cultures
3)I've wanted to go to the U of M since I was a kid
4)I was born and raised in St.Paul
5)When I'm older I want to live in Europe for awhile
6)I LOVE Asian food
7)Im going to be studying global studies and French
8)All my family lives on the same street
9)Winter is my favorite season no matter how cold it gets
10)My favorite color is blue

It's All About JESSICA!!! =]

Ten Things About Jessica
jessica 2.jpg

1.I am Hmong, but I can't speak Hmong very well.
2.My favorite animals are penguins.
3.I am pretty quiet, but once you get to know me, I can be pretty talkative. 
4.I love the color yellow and anything that is yellow (except yellow Starbursts, Sour Patch Kids, and Skittles).
5.I have a mom, dad, sister, step-mom, step-dad, a half sister, a half brother, and two step brothers.
6.I like to laugh.
7.I use to work in a law firm.
8.I am originally from Oklahoma.
9.My favorite candy is Sour Patch Kids.
10.I prefer white chocolate over milk chocolate.

Top 10 interesting things about Mario

10) I love sports, I'm like a sports junkie
9) My favorite sport is basketball
8) Football is the sport I'm best at
7) I was born in Chicago, but grew up in Brooklyn Park
6) My favorite movie is Bad Boys
5) My favorite Comedian/Actor is Martin Lawrence
4) I'm very embraced in the Hip-Hop culture
3) I love video games
2) My favorite game is the Metal Gear Solid series
1) I'm an aspiring Comedian/Actor/Writer  
Mario's profile picture.jpg

Saajan Bhakta's Top 10 List

saj.jpg1.) Favorite Sport- Tennis
2.) Favorite Food- Pizza/Burritos
3.) Favorite College- U of M
4.) Favorite Place to Visit- India
5.) Favorite Car- Honda
6.) Favorite Restaurant/Fast-Food- Chipotle
7.) Favorite Tennis Player- Nadal/Federer/Roddick
8.) Favorite Subject- Math
9.) Favorite Type of Music- Rap/Hip-Hop
10.) Favorite Drink- Cherry Coke

1. I love Football.
2. I Grew up in south Florida where it's always Hot.
3. I am from a big family.
4. I am Haitian and speak creol.
5. I'm Funny.
6. I miss my Girl.
7. I play Football for the Golden Gophers.
8. I want to be successful in life and i am willing to do what i have to do.
9. I'm from the Hood.
10. I'm a mommas Boy.

Photo 2.jpg

Thee Top 10 of Dear Laura

Dear Laura
Dear Laura's Top Ten: 

1. My passion lies within art, especially photography.

2. My eye color changes with my mood.

3. My goal in life is to inspire someone.

4. In April 2009, I went to Alaska. I climbed O' Malley Peak and camped in the Chugach National Park.

5. I believe in the statement "How we survive makes us who we are."-Rise Against

6. I am not the most graceful person alive.

7. I have no regrets. I believe there is no such thing as a bad situation if you can learn from it.

8. My favorite stories are found in unspoken art.

9. I always have at least one theme song of the day.

10. I do not have a one specific favorite color, because it changes daily. 

Top 10 things about the All-American (mike carter)

1. I love to play all types of sports                                                                                       2. I love chicken, ribs and mac and cheese                                                                          3. I live in south Florida aka the gutta city                                                                            4. My favorite sport is basketball                                                                                         5. I play corner for the Minnesota Gophers
6. My jersey # is 1
7. I made first team All-American
8. In three years i want to go to the NFL  
9. I love to sleep
10. I love training to get better


The Official Top 10 list of Frederick Huballa

Freddy and OBama.jpg

Freddy Don Chetti's Top TEN
1. I love BUSINESS
3. I likes PARTYIN
4. SOCIALIZING is my thing
5. I live to SEE THE WORLD
6. Cookies and Some apple Juice
9. Godfather Trilogy
10.  Minnesota

About Myself

Top 10 interesting things about Tshaj(Cha).

1) My name is Tshaj(Cha) Kong Yang.
2) My birthday is on August 4th 1991.
3) There's 5 family members in our family: my dad, my mom, my older brother, me, and also my older sister too, but my older sister passed away when I was a age 10.
4) I went to Patrick Henry High School.
5) Like to make new friends everywhere.
6) Love to write poems.
7) Love to nap when there is nothing to do.
8) I play soccer.
9) I am Hmong and proud of it.
10) Likes to read and write Japanese.



1. I like redbull...I drink it too much.
2. I'm a preachers kid dad's a Rev, mom's a minister...but I believe what I believe based on what I've found out for myself.
3. I am a singer.
4. The piano is my passion. I'm not very good at reading, but I play by ear like a boss.
5. I have never had a boyfriend...unless kindergarten counts.
6. I'm excited to write, to learn to write, and to share what I write.
7. My favorite movie is Uptown Girls...I don't know why.
8. I've always wondered what happens to squirrel poop. But afraid someone may answer this question and ruin my curiosity.
9. I like shopping...when I go with my mom. Because I'm broke.
10. My friends call me a be it!! 8)


 1. i love modern dance.....i live for it!
  2. I don' t like working on computers unless its internet or typing a paper
 3. I love beyonce,
 4. When i become a professional dancer i want to dance for TU dance company
 5. Learning about black gay or lesbian professional people is very interseting to me like james baldwin and langston hughes.
6. I have a really distinctive laugh
7. I dont like bananas
8. I have weatherly depression lol
9. I am starting to really like this D.S. class
10. I cant wait until the fall so i can start dance class

blue hat.jpg

Top 10 of Evie Oyen


1.) I got 1 younger sister named Rachel who is gonna be a sophomore.
2.) I played volleyball & softball in high school and also did gymnastics for 2 years. I like to play basketball and football too.
3.) I love double-stacks (with no cheese)  from Wendy's and steak.
4.) My favorite type of music is rap but I love R&B, country, hip-hop and some rock.
5.) I want to study abroad in Barcelona, Spain.
6.) I might do an internship with the Timberwolves this winter doing either game operations or being a videographer/editing intern.
7.) I would love to be a detective but I don't want to be a cop first.
8.) My dog died this winter and I can't wait to get either a pit bull, boxer or a pug.
9.) My favorite TV show is Intervention.
10.) I sometimes come off as shy but once I get comfortable I'm not at all.

Explore My World!

^_^    Hello! Welcome! My name is Pa Nhia Xiong. Enjoy these fun facts about me!!!  ^_^

Ten Things that is Interesting about me!

1. I can speak two languages well, Hmong and English
2. I was born in Thailand
3. I am the youngest in my family
4. I have no brothers only two sisters
5. I attended Edison High School
6. I am a winter baby, born on January 6, 1991
7. My name is Hmong means: "money flower"
8. My favorite movie is: "Fated to love you"
9. I am scared of SNAKES!!!!
10. I am very funny and fun person

Pa Nhia Xiong

Ger's Introduction

10 Things About ME 0_0

1. I am nervous about living on my own
2. I want to live in my own home, but I don't know the way to get there
3.I tend to talk loud or a lot if you get to know me.
4.I am very committed to something if I put my mind to it.
5.I can type pretty quick with my two fingers ^__^
6.I don't like reading or writing because of the length.
7.I like to stay close with friends and communicate with them.
8.I like having study groups, so i can get to understand the text or homework more throughly and friends.
9.I'm nice around everyone. And willing to give a hand to anyone who needs it
10.I like pie ^__^ (3.14??????)

The Man.jpg


I said rawr.

Top Ten Favorite Songs (Right Now)
1. Into the Ocean - Blue October
2. Nugget - Rx Bandits
3. Last Train Home - Lostprophets
Troublemaker - Weezer
5. Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
6. Boats and Birds - Gregory and the Hawk
7. One Summer's Day - Spirited Away
8. Selfish Love - Miyavi
Calling - Subarashiki Kono Sekai
10. Illusion and Dream - Poets of the Fall


Walt's Intro

Welcome students!  I look forward to getting to know you all over the semester.  You'll learn more about me when you read the entry from my memoir Ghostbox.  In the meantime, here are 10 family stories I was told or that I remember from over the years:

  • When I was 3 I supposedly threw a tantrum in front of an elevator at a department store in Atlanta.
  • My grandfather moved from Mississippi to St. Louis when he was 19, and badly cut his leg while hopping a freight car.  He almost died when he got an infection after the White doctor did not properly clean out the wound; later a Black doctor correctly fixed the problem.
  • My brother broke both of his arms (at different times); both times he was on roller skates (!).
  • When I was 12 or so I was playing with a CB radio and said, "Where is Smokey [the police]?" When a response "You're talking to him!" came through I was scared stiff.
  • My Dad says that he used to walk 2 miles to school uphill both ways.  Most of the time it was snowing.  He had no shoes.
  • We had a dog named Lassie, even though it was male.  I loved the TV show Lassie as a child.
  • In 7th grade (1979) I was in a rap group.  The only rap I remember: "My name is Walter J/I'm here to say/All the pretty girls come my way."
  • My grandparents say that I used to love to roll around in the dirt.
  • My grandfather was one of the first Black machinists at McDonnell-Douglass aircraft company.
  • My grandmother called me "The Professor" as a kid.

Welcome to the Course!

We are very excited for this summer's Digital Storytelling class. As we mentioned, Walt and I have co-taught a version of this course last fall. Take a peek: Digital Storytelling In and With Communities of Color.


When you do this reading, you should be thinking about what it means to be writing on the blog (which is PUBLIC).  Anyone with Internet access can (and may) read our blog, and even post comments.

!!! Your FIRST BLOG POST ASSIGNMENT is an Introduction / Top 10 / Self portrait. 

Here's mine:

Rachel's Intro [10 things about me]:

1. I am a mother of two wild kids (TT, age 11 and Bubba, age 2)
2. I am a documentary filmmaker 
3. I was born to a Puerto Rican mother and a Russian Jewish father
4. I LOVE watching HGTV (and hope to own a home in this lifetime)
5. I have come up in hip-hop (google me!)
6. I am moving south... I've lived in NY, LA, and Mpls but never the south
7. I have a lot of radio rap guilty pleasures 
8. I'm on facebook but I don't friend students... u have to friend me first
9. I brush my teeth a lot and I've never had a cavity
10. I have been slacking on my own blog: Rae's Spot