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At the genesis of this video she fixed the camera at an eye level to talk straight to the viewer, grabbing our attention right away.She began by stating what it takes to be a social worker.perseverance.This to me opens a door to what the main idea of the video is about, It then cuts to a clip of just the word "nobody" all alone in white letters and a black background. Giving us the sense of really being alone with "nobody" around.She then said the word itself with a "street" type while a montage of blurred images flashed across the screen.The images moved the story along accompanied by her life story about how she was being moved from place to place.Speaking in a monotone voice a picture of her as a child faded in as she spoke the word "nobody". This part seemed to be where she really wanted to capture the audience by calling herself a nobody because nobody wanted her. After calling herself a nobody I felt that she really hit me by going into detail about the social worker as a picture of a over weights woman sitting in chair, with a washed out face appered on the screen. This image shows that the social worker, like Sade said "Had no social skills."  Towards the end of the video jill scotts' song "Golden" started to play as she talked about the lady Jennifer who was a social worker that helped turn her life around. Each transition in this this video was timed perfectly. The Last message she left us with was "You say you have no responibility to me. Are you sure? 'cause you may not be my mom or dad but i am yo' future." I felt like she put her entire life story in that last statement. This video tought me to not take my mother for granted because someone out there does not have one or like Sade said "nobody."


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Hello! I'm Sade!!! This analysis of my digital story hit the nail on the wall! I'm glad you enjoyed it and learned something from it!