When I was your case manager and Inspire

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The first story I did was on "When I Was Your Case Manager." This story starts off with "I had a lot of doubts.." and it shows a picture of the narrator's client, but it doesn't show their face, and ends just the same. It explains in this video what most psychologists / psychiatrists may think about their clients, especially if they are just starting off. This video talks about the past and makes it seem like they are no long psychologist and client, but maybe they no longer have contact. You can hear in the narrator's voice that she cared throughout the whole video, but also near the end, she began to learn to show it better. I believe the topic of this video is the psychologist / psychiatrist and the clients differences and how they can get through them. I believe the moral of this video is that you can get through anything if you try. Also another possible one is that everyone is different, try to understand.
The whole film was in black and white, which I believe makes the video stronger, as well as the language ("bullshit immigration laws"), as well as the video not having music helps tell the story and makes it stronger as well.

This story begins with pictures that the author may have drawn, and he begins to explain about his passion for drawing, which leads to music. This video could relate to anyone, since throughout the movie he changes, and let's go of "the boy who always had a pencil in hand."  I believe the topic of this strong, especially towards high school students as well as college student trying to figure out who they are. The photos and music the narrator uses are inspiring themselves. They show how he is in a way, because it shows his thoughts that he placed on the paper, and he explained detail very well like he was "thrust into music" even though he doesn't really know how it happened. The text at the beginning were "Spark! 2008" Which may be a place that he made the movie for, or it could be a secondary title, followed by the year it was made. That spark could be his artistic passion, beginning to burst into flame.



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I have participated in the CDST workshop and am now offering a program at Virginia Commonwealth University. Your story, "When I Was Your Case Manager", has been one of my favorite examples to show our faculty the power of narrative, visual images, B&W, etc. It works well as an example for maintaining anonymity in case studies. Unfortunately the origial link on storycircles no longer works. Your great work, along with other good examples seems to be lost. I would very much like to be able to share your work with others. Do you have this on another site or be able to make this available for others to exerience?

Bud Deihl
Virginia Commonwealth University