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Jasmine Dittrich's Final Reflection

[From this incredible journey I will take...]

Journey is the best way to describe this class.  Ironically I have always been interested in the creation of movies, videos and cartoons.  I often wonder what it would be like if I created my own personal video.  In this class I was given the opportunity to do that.  I learned more that I thought I would in while taking this course.  I was never really aware of how much time and work it take to edit a video.  Throughout this journey I have learned more about myself as well.  Knowing that I have always had a passion of writing poetry, I was curious as to what I would ever be able to do with it.  Normally my poems just sit in a notebook.  In this class I was able to put my words to use (literally).  For as long as I can remember I have been very apprehensive about sharing my writing and words with others.  Obviously, I have gotten over it, for the most part, despite the strong apprehension.  

I never expected to have fun in a college class, also I never expected to be so determined to start and finish work in a class.  This class changed my prior thoughts.  I am incredibly grateful and feel very fortunate and lucky to have had the opportunity to participate in this digital storytelling class, along with watching others digital stories.  I am glad that I chose this class instead of the CLU!! 

Lastly, I want to thank Rachel and Eddie you two really helped me and were able to give me useful feedback and advice on my work! 

Final Blog Post

From this journey, I will take the knowledge I have received in my classes and this program as a whole. I have learned a lot about writing, digital storytelling and myself. I learned how to better write a paper, I have learned how to express myself through digital media, and I have met many great people through this process. I do not regret one minute of this summer. I learned that everyone has their own stories, and all of them are important. Do not judge people just by their stories or appearance, but themselves as a whole. I have also learned to better manage my time, because in college you have a lot of work, but you also have much empty space, and I've learned to use my time for efficiently.

In the end, I feel like I have done a lot with my summer, instead of just letting it go to waste. I now also want to create more digital stories, and put much more time into them, because I have seen what we can do in a small amount of time.

Thank you.

Justin Frederiksen

Final Course Reflection

Mario Lamar Terrell II

From this journey I will take...


            The importance and passion of the true storytelling art form and its concepts. I will take theory in account for anything I choose to do and life, as well as practice and reflection. I will take the knowledge and connections I have made as well as the gift of storytelling. I will take great pride, honor, trials, and tribulations I have experienced with being a bridge student. I will take the influences from Rachel as well as Eddie and Syressa. I will take all of the skills that I developed over these past six weeks as well as new knowledge of Bridge mates and myself. I will take time management skills and I will also take the mistakes I have made as a bridge student with me, so I do not have to learn the hard way anymore. I will take a great education as well as connections along with all of my passions, on this great, long, challenging, but fun four-year journey!

            I would like to take the time to thank all of the staff, faculty, and students of the bridge program for the greatest six weeks of my life. I will never forget these moments for the rest of my life.  

Saajan's Final Blog Post

This class was amazing. In the beginning of this program, i didn't really know what to expect. I knew that we were going to edit videos but i didn't know we were going to use macs to edit. As we began the class, i was intimidated by the reading. After the first weeks, I saw that the reading wasn't to bad.

I have learned many things through Digital Storytelling. One thing i've learned was time management. If you don't use your time wisely, you will for surely fall behind and you'll have to pu moe time in to catch back up.

Another thing i've learned was PRAXIS. Theory, practice, critical reflection. I think this is sweet because this process goes through your head sometimes without you thinking about it. I will definetly use this in the future here at the University of Minnesota.

Another thing is that I am able to express my feelings with Digital Storytelling. When you make one, you can share it with friends, family, and the whole world. I am a quiet person but, this class and program has changed me in the fact that i am able to interact with people and make friendship.

Thank You so much Rachel, Eddie, Syressa and the Bridge Program. This has been a great summer without regret. I really didn't want to come here because this took up my whole summer but, now as I think about it, I'm glad I took advantage of this. This made me grow as an individual and it prepared me for the next 4 years.

From this journey, I will take many things such as time management, developing friendships, and best of all, enjoying college life. I learned how to use a mac which was surprising to me. This whole experience at the Bridge Program is a memorable program I will cherish. Thanks again to all my teachers, assisstants, classmates, and friends! Hope to see you all in the fall year!

Evan's Final Course Reflection

At first, I wasn't sure what to expect from this class. I had previously had a very had experience with video making. I soon saw, however, that this class was going to be an amazing opportunity.  Because of this class, I feel like I'm much more prepared for college in the fall, including the stress, privileges and responsibilities that come with it.

I also like how we were able to take a picture and tell a story. Because of this class, I feel like I can express myself through pictures far better than I could before. I learned how to take a normal picture and provide the listener to my story a window that she can use to see into my life. Looking at a picture will never be the same again. I had an amazing time in this class, and will always remember it as a great start to my college career.

Thank you very much to Rachel, Eddie, and Syressa for all their help.
-Evan Hoel

Pa's Final Reflection

From this journey I would take....

I would take the patience, Final Cute skills, and the organization that I had developed from this class. I would also take the idea that a story will always be a gift.

I had learned so much from this class and I don't regret taking this class one bit. I love every bit of this class! The instructor is wonderful, the work of this course taught me so much about myself. I feel like I had learned a new voice. This voice is not the voice of language, or a voice through writing. But this voice is a voice to be myself through the media. I had learned so much from my fellow student as much as I learned from this class. I had seen that so many student had developed their own voice and their idea through telling their own story. I really fell in love with this class.

One of the most amazing thing that I had learned from taking this class is learning how to analyzes the author reasons and idea to put certain picture, of filming from a certain angle. I feel great that I had gain such a deep understanding skills that will make me think differently about every movie that I will see in the future. I will always remember this class and it had made such a great impact on my life.


Tshaj's Final Course Reflection

From this journey on, I will take the skills that I have learned from this class, which are: learning to see the difference from looking and seeing, knowing how to use Final Cut Express on making videos, and know how to tell our personal experience through stories in Digital Storytelling. It was a very fun experience and was the best class I have ever taken. I really liked this class. I would like to thank Rachel Raimist, Eddie Glenn, Syressa Lewis, and Walt Jacobs for everything. By taking this class I can get my mind open and allow myself to tell my own story. 

Ger's Final Course Reflection

My final thoughts on this class. Where should I start? I have to say that I've met so many new and nice people during my time. I can't believe I was given the chance to come and meet everyone in this class. From Rachel my professor to my friends, They have all accepted me with caring hands and warm hearts. I've learned to be patient with myself and give myself time to finish anything i put my mind to.

I will carry on the skills and the experience with me through my academic years and so on. Learning about cameras and final cut has given me the ability to express my story and feeling through another way. I have to thank everyone that helped me through this summer of work. Thank you Rachel, Eddie, Walt, Jessica, Pa, and Tshaj. Also i have to thank my friends for everything they've done. I thought this class was the funniest and i truly don't regret taking this class. Thank you! I'll truly miss everyone!

Jessica's Final Course Reflection

From this journey I will take patience, time management, and the idea of media praxis with me. I also learned that a story is a gift.  


I have learned patience because it takes time to complete a wonderful piece of art. Although it may be frustrating at times, the outcome is always good.


I have learned time management because I realize now that it helps a lot to have a schedule or an outline for your project.  If you do not have the proper time management, you might fall behind, turn in incomplete work, or even lose sleep (not that you don't already lose some just for being in college).


Another thing I have learned is the idea of media praxis.  I learned that to tell a story, we need to have a theory, a practice, and a critical reflection.  The theory part is considered as the idea of your piece of work.  The practice part is considered as actually creating your project.  The critical reflection part is considered as explaining what you learned about you, your project, the process in creating your piece, and what it took for you to tell your story.


On the first day of class, my professor, Rachel Raimist informed me that a story was a gift.   At first, I was unaware of the meaning.  Now that I have completed the Digital Storytelling class, I understand what it means to say that a story is a gift.  It is something that we tell people who we and others are.  We tell stories to show personality and emotion.


I really enjoyed this class because it gave me a bigger voice.  I not was able to just express my feelings openly, but to show them too.  I would say that I am a pretty quiet person, but this class helped me open myself up to new things, new people, and new surroundings.


Thank you so much Rachel Raimist, Eddie Glenn, Syressa Lewis, and Walt Jacobs.  You all have made my journey here in the Bridge to Academic Excellence Program an honor.  I have gained so much more knowledge, not only about myself, but also about the University.  I will miss you guys and hope to see you guys around.  Take care.


-Jessica Chang

Jokes From Black Voices- By Mario Lamar Terrell II


Bridge Student Athelete


Conor and Kenny: That's What She Said


Volleyball ((An Inside Look))


This is a video about the game of volleyball. Not often do athletes have the opportunity to express the way the feel about the game they love. Usually the media focuses only on their reactions after a win or a loss. In this video I (poetically) explain the game and how it is played, along with the expression of my passion for the game of volleyball.

Global Warming


This is our project on Global Warming. We wanted to interview Bridge people to see what they know about it, as well as educate those who don't know that much about global warming. Hope you enjoy.

-Saajan Bhakta
-Evan Hoel

He was Supposed to be...


He was Supposed to be… is a piece about myself. It is about acquaintance rape and my experience and struggle with it. My goal is to bring realization that this stuff happens, even to the best of us.

Final Project. "Video Games: What's the deal?"


My topic was changed numerous times, but I ended up with this in the end. I had lots of fun doing it, well I had lots of fun in the class in general. The video is on Violence, stereotypes and video games. Hope you enjoy it.

Justin Frederiksen

Piano and Dance By: Orlando and Tiffany


We had the most difficult time finishing this project. In the end we pulled through after pulling a all nighter from 5:30pm to 7:48 am. We hope you guys enjoy :)

Crossing the Bridge By: Jessica, Ger, Pa, and Tshaj


We decided to create this video in memory of the 2009 Summer Bridge to Academic Excellence Program. We enjoyed every moment being in the program. This program has helped us prepare for the upcoming fall semester

Jessica; Annotated Bibliography

Digital Storytelling

1.) Ohler, Jason. Digital Storytelling in the Classroom: New Media Pathways to Literacy, Learning, and Creativity. Thousand Oaks, CA: Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press, 2008

The main point of this book is to allow readers to see how Jason Ohler explains the ways to create a digital story in a classroom.  The book has standard guides to storytelling.  It is sort of like a "Digital Storytelling Book for Dummies."

It is very useful.  This book contains a great deal of information that would help anyone.  It is a great book for inexperienced people who want to learn how to create a good digital story.

This source was extremely helpful.  It helped me see what the book is really used for.  It also shows that it can really enhance my ability to be creative with my digital stories.

2.)  Miller, Carolyn Handler. Digital Storytelling : A Creator's Guide to Interactive Entertainment. Amsterdam ; Boston: Amsterdam ; Boston : Focal Press, 2004.

This book was created to aid scriptwriters and directors.  This digital storytelling book is broken up into eight categories.  It mainly focuses on the little things in a film.   

The book is only a useful source if a scriptwriter is looking for more knowledge on digital storytelling.  Although it can be used by other people, you have to be able to understand it in order to use it.  It is also good because it is separated into categories, which help readers better understand the information more.  

This source was not very helpful to me because I am not a screen writer. I am also not very advanced in digital story editing.  If I were more advanced in Final Cut, I think this book would aid me more than it is now. 

3.) Demski, Jennifer. "Mastering Digital Media." T H E Journal 36.4 (2009): 19-. 

This is an online-based master's degree in instructional media.  It is a 10 course class that takes about two years to complete. There is also a variety of students in this class.  It is very diverse.

This scholarly journal is not very useful because it turned out to be an online class.  People who are looking for information for a project do not have time to take a course to find out the things that they need to complete their projects.

This was not a helpful source to me because the things that I could learn in that class are the things that I am learning now.  It does not aid me in any way.  I cannot use this source in my research project because it would take too long to find the information that I need.

Frederick Douglass

1.) Burns, Ann. "Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave (Book)." Library Journal 128.7 (2003): 146. 

This book is about an American slave who longs for freedom and education.  As a slave, he was never allowed to gain that education.  As time went on, he learned how to read and write and gained freedom.

This was not really a good source because the review was too short and did not provide very much information.  The goal is to provide future readers with interest in the book.  Although the article was short, the author used a good range of vocabulary.

This source was not very helpful to me because it did not provide very mu;ch information.  Although it is not very helpful, you can use some of the provided information in a project.  Some information is more helpful than none. 

2.) Diedrich, Maria. Love Across Color Lines : Ottilie Assing and Frederick Douglass. New York: New York : Hill and Wang, 1999.

This biography is about a love affair that ended horribly.  Frederick Douglass' love affair, with Ottilie Assing, ended when he married his wife, Helen Pits.  She ended up committing suicide.  The author, Maria Diedrich, tells an interracial love story.  It is "basically a difficult book about a difficult relationship."

This book can be a useful source if a person is doing a project or paper on Frederick Douglass' life.  Although it is a useful source, I am unsure if it is reliable.  The author is very clear about stating that "all judgments, including her own, are provisional."

This was not really a helpful source.  Now that I have read this, I see Frederick Douglass as a completely different person.  It shows that everyone is capable of doing something wrong.

3.) Prioleau, Rachelle C. "Frederick Douglass: Abolitionist and Humanist."Howard Journal of Communications 14.3 (2003): 177

This journal is about how determined Frederick Douglass was about overcoming his struggles. He was not only determined for himself but for others too. It communicates how the government and religion played a huge part in his roles in life.  

This could be a useful source for people because it provides a great deal of information to support its main points.  It is reliable because it is a scholarly journal.  

This source was also helpful to me because it provided me with more knowledge about Frederick Douglass.  I am able to use this source in my project because it is a scholarly source and it also contains great information.  It has not changed my view of my topic.

Opening of Favela Rising

Clips of I Was A Teenage Feminist

Don’t Need You (you know, the one you skipped from the last blog post):

We also watched clips from:

Planet B-Boy


Eric Jacque's Digital Story

Watch these samples of (mostly short) videos as inspiration for your video. 

Assignment: Post a reflection of what you've seen, and where applicable, connect what you have seen with what you are understanding from any of the reading (Jeff Chang "Stimulus" article, Thenmohzi interview, and what we've read and discussed about the media and digital media + storytelling). Post in the COFFEE HOUSE forum on our course Moodle (NOT on this course blog) - http://moodle.umn.edu 

Media That Matters Film Festival - http://www.mediathatmattersfest.org/

Current TV - http://current.com/

"Pieces (Bling-Bling)"


"Locusts" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97IpJ9OTMQQ

"barely audible" - http://www.vivianwenlilin.com/video/barely.html

D-Nice's "Experiencing the Dream" - http://www.d-nice.com/journal/2009/1/19/d-nice-presents-experiencing-the-dream.html

"Slip of the Tongue" - http://www.mediathatmattersfest.org/films/slip_of_the_tongue/

"Indigenous Holocaust" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmaSF2aIxZM

"I am Sean Bell: black boys speak" - http://www.vimeo.com/2691617

Oscar Grant Tribute video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSFs1CQYDgY

"Don't Need You" (trailer) - 

"Decolonizing Black Women's Bodies"

Women of Color Resource Center
Do Tell project - http://wcrc.blip.tv/posts?view=archive&⁞nsfw=dc

The Way I Play the Game


This story is a representation of the state of mind I am in during the course of my athletic competitions. It exemplifies the amount of determination I have in sports.

Mike Carter "Champ"


Pa's Mid-Term Video "My Life Story"


This is a story about me. The growth that I went through to become who I am today. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks


Evan's midterm video-"An amazing year"


This is about my junior year of high school, which I spent abroad in Eastern Europe.

Dear Laura's Midterm Video


This video is created for my little brother, John. His passion and dedication for baseball amazes me each and every day. Love you John.

I Know My Family Like the Back of My Hand- By Mario Lamar Terrell II


I must be honest and say that I had not planned on doing this as my final project. Rachel had us do a rough draft that required us to make a story on a particular image. The picture at the very beginning and end was the picture I chose to write about. It only took me 30 minutes during my study time and I did not feel it came from the heart although it was true, I felt like I was just messing around and did a rush job. But after the praise, and criticism session we had a lot of people liked it including Rachel, which really boosted my self-esteem as well as surprised me as I thought I could do better than what I originally did. I got a lot of good tips to improve my story which inspired my title I know the family like the back of hand, and the section where I add in a part about myself. Originally the line I know my family like the back of my hand, which like I said previously I was just fooling around, but my classmates made me realize how powerful that one line was. Also the story was just about my family and I did not include myself until Rachel influenced me to. Sorry about the long foo-foo talk, but without further ado enjoy.

Saajan Bhakta's Digital Story


This story is how I played tennis all 4 years of my high school career. Being one of the worst, I really had to improve to just comeback on the team after freshman year. Made by Saajan Bhakta.

Jessica's Midterm Video "A Story of Love"


My instructor, Rachel Raimist, told me that a story is a gift. With that said, I wanted to create a gift for my boyfriend. My gift was our story of love. This video shows how I feel about him.

Ger's Midterm Video "My Own Heaven"


This video is the story of my love of life. I made this video to show everyone how important she is to me and how she is there for me. She has been there for me ever since we started dating and I have been there for her. I will never give her up for anything. I don’t need anything because she is my everything. Storytelling is a gift that I wanted to give to the world and to my girlfriend. I’ve learned so much from this class and this video meant a lot to me. I love her with all my heart. Thanks for watching my video and for stopping by.



This is a story about me growing up without a father. A man who I thought was my hero died at the mercy of his drug addiction. This was my way to express my feelings for him and his murder.

Tiffany's Digital Story


I made this video in Digital Storytelling Class. I made it to give my audience a deeper insight into my personal life.

Evie's Midterm Video


This video shows the relationship between my best friend Ashley and me.

Tshaj's Midterm Video


This is about me and my friends during my high school years at, Patrick Henry High School.

Justin's Midterm Digital Story "Impact"


I created this story dedicating it to my best friend Samantha Kelly, who has passed away on June 23, 2007. She was a great friend who was taken too soon. Video created by Justin Frederiksen.