Crossing the Bridge By: Jessica, Ger, Pa, and Tshaj


We decided to create this video in memory of the 2009 Summer Bridge to Academic Excellence Program. We enjoyed every moment being in the program. This program has helped us prepare for the upcoming fall semester


Jessica, Ger, Pa and Tshaj,

The entertainment you put into this video adds to it greatly. Overall this is all something we have experienced and I feel that you really summed that up in this video. It is great how much you got done in this little time amount. I cannot wait to see this at the banquet.


Your guys' video is so awesome! I love how you took videos of people dancing and have Dora saying "we did it" the whole time. You guys worked hard on this project and it really shows. Awesome job and Congradulations

Wow! I liked this film so much! It was awesome and it had humor. I loved that we all can relate to this film and everything. It feels like a sad movie for the bridge students but it also has humor to make this video amazing. I liked it very much. ^__^

I really like this film. It was funny and sad at the same time. I can relate to this film and everyone of its aspect. I love the gift that it gives to everyone of us bridge students and viewers. I like how you guys used humor to lighten the mood of us all leaving. Nice FILM!!!!!

I really like your video! It was really cool how you guys used a variety of different pictures. The beginning of the video when it zoomed into the acceptance letter was really creative. The Dora "I did it" song was a great touch and the videos of people dancing was really funny. I thought it was great overall!

wow lol. this was a good movie it had me cracking up and kind of missing the bridge program

I really loved your guys video! It was so funny how you guys had to email saying we got into bridge and how you guys walked up with your suitcases. I really like how you put the pictures of all the groups in your video. Nice job guys!

I love the beginning of this video and the use of repetition. It shows how all of us (hopefully) acted receiving their acceptance letters for the Bridge program. In your video it shows how everyone started distant from each other, but then made friendships throughout. I love the video.

I saved my favorite video for the last to comment on. You guys did a great job working on this project. At 4:23, that was probably my favorite pic jk. The pictures and the video as a whole will be an unforgettable experience for and and the whole Program! We've build so much confidence and friendship we can't forget. You guys did an awesome job! Thanks for creating this experience.

p.s. Thanks Steve and Minerva for letting have this oppurtunity!

And remember Jessica, I'll still be your bodygaurd!

You guys did an AMAZING JOB!!!
This project really touched me! I almost cried.
It was super relatable too!!!

Excellent video! It was great balance of laughter and emotion as you all went through all of the feelings and fears I had in the beginning and you guys each expressed your own different experiences. Great job!

Mario Lamar Terrell II