Dear Laura's Midterm Video


This video is created for my little brother, John. His passion and dedication for baseball amazes me each and every day. Love you John.


it was great just like you read it

Liked how you used the sound effects it goes perfectly with your video.

I love the descriptions used as well as the sound effect of the bat hitting the ball. The use of alliteration works well and the story was set up great. The parts that really stood out to me are when you cut the music to silence.

I liked how your video kept me wanting to watch more. You had that intensity of a good video that kept me on the edge of my seat watching it. I loved the way you used breathing in and out and zooming in and out. I liked your dedication to your younger brother.

I really liked your video's transitions and sound effects. They went really well with your voice over. I also really liked when you zoomed in and out at the same time with the "breathe in, breathe out" line in your voice over.

KOOL! This was wonderful! Hearing you read the story was already amazing but seeing it come true just made it more significant! You are so cool! I love the effects and transitions to your movie. A great job done! If I was your brother, I would love you to death!


Laura, I think you are an amazing writer! I really like how you did this story about the happiness of you brother that also made you happy it showed you close relationship with him and I really respect that! The breathe in breathe out effects was amazing! The overall video was really good and it held my attention the entire time, (and that's hard to do!) aha
Good job girl!