Evan's Final Course Reflection

At first, I wasn't sure what to expect from this class. I had previously had a very had experience with video making. I soon saw, however, that this class was going to be an amazing opportunity.  Because of this class, I feel like I'm much more prepared for college in the fall, including the stress, privileges and responsibilities that come with it.

I also like how we were able to take a picture and tell a story. Because of this class, I feel like I can express myself through pictures far better than I could before. I learned how to take a normal picture and provide the listener to my story a window that she can use to see into my life. Looking at a picture will never be the same again. I had an amazing time in this class, and will always remember it as a great start to my college career.

Thank you very much to Rachel, Eddie, and Syressa for all their help.
-Evan Hoel