Evan's midterm video-"An amazing year"


This is about my junior year of high school, which I spent abroad in Eastern Europe.


Liked how you used maps in your video and the pictures were very nice.

You are so cute in the movie! I love the humor put in there by that cartoon picture. What a great story of learning about other country and culture. I really admired you! You have inspired me to go study aboard now!


Your story addresses the fears and expectations of studying abroad. I plan on doing so as well, and it inspires me even more to do so because your story of overcoming your obstacle of language and being in a place that you've never been.

Hey Evan! I liked your voice over it was clear and very understandable. I also liked your hair, and how you used a recent picture for last picture.

I really like the way your voice over actually related to you. Your voice over was better than the one that you read during the circle. Your images were also amazing. I really liked the image that you placed in your video when you said that you couldn't even ask for directions. Great Job Evan!

I really liked how you incorporate your family history, it was very effective for your piece. You did an excellent job on this project.

P.S. I like your music choice, it was like I was there to help you pick it out :)

Evan, I like your video a lot. The maps made me realize really how far away a different country is! I like how you used a picture taken in the Bridge program, and showed "how you are now" i thought it was very real!