Evie's Midterm Video


This video shows the relationship between my best friend Ashley and me.


You have such a great sense of humor! We all need to laugh. Your video is definitely relatable. Effective!

Your video is awesome and funny, I liked how you used the old people picture.

I love the music!!! your music! It is so funny. Evie you are great! I love how you did a story of everyday life, just make us appreciated life more that little things matter. Thanks for making us see that!


this is very touching and personal story

I enjoyed watching your video. Seeing the images along with hearing your story, made me feel as if I was there with you two. Great Job!

I loved your video. I liked how you showed that you could have fun without going out. I liked how you added HEY! instead of just saying it. I can relate to your video and i liked it so much


I loved the beat to your video. It fit well especially since it is a song both of you enjoy or share a story behind. I really liked the humor you put into the video as well. I really like it.

I love the instrumental you used =) and it thought it was cool how you wrote the words HEY and you used it and it fit and was not distracting. I liked it.