Final Project. "Video Games: What's the deal?"


My topic was changed numerous times, but I ended up with this in the end. I had lots of fun doing it, well I had lots of fun in the class in general. The video is on Violence, stereotypes and video games. Hope you enjoy it.

Justin Frederiksen



The interviews you chose to use had a great outcome to the piece. Your editing and overall piece turned out great with how little time you had. It progressed greatly from our story circle. Also it is great to get to know you a little more through this piece. Your opinion puts the entire piece together. Great work.


Hey Justin-
I like how you show your passion about this particular topic, and how you shoot down stereotypes about people that play video games. Great job.

Justin! I like your creativity. Good job at shooting down those negative stereotypes about gamers.

I liked how you support why video games don't make people violent, but depends on the people who is. Also, great music and loved it.

Hey! i liked the film. Lol and i agree with the sterotypes of gamers. there is a lot of them but its funny when you come across someone who does not fit the sterotype and is a totally opposite person. Cool video.

I thought it was good how you used many different interviews. The news story was very interesting and I think it was a good introduction! I like playing video games and in my opinion I do not fit the sterotype, so I think it was nice that you added that in your video!

I really liked your video Justin. I liked how you showed the other side of the stereotype of video gamers by interviewing them and showing how they feel about it. You made very good points and they worked very well in your video. Good Job!

Nice job! The video was very entertaining and interesting to me as a gamer since I never even thought of any of these topics or concepts until you put this out there. This was very educational and you did a great job!

Mario Lamar Terrell II

Very good justin! I really like how you set the video up almost like a video game with the music and the was very good and effective. great job!