He was Supposed to be...


He was Supposed to be… is a piece about myself. It is about acquaintance rape and my experience and struggle with it. My goal is to bring realization that this stuff happens, even to the best of us.


Laura, Your video was very powerful.
I envy your courage to come out and share
a story about your life that is so
painful to overcome. I really liked your
piece. Great job.

I liked how you used black and white. I also like your music because it went well with your video. Also, great job ^_^

Your video is extremely powerful, and moves anyone who watches it. I admire you for telling a story so personal, it must have taken a lot of courage to do that. You did an amazing job.

this is so powerful, so personal. it takes a lot to show something like this good job.

Laura- your video is so personal, emotional, and very powerful. It grabbed my attention the entire time. I like the use of images and video clips. Your voice over was very good, slow and clear. The music fit really well with your video. Amazing!

Wow! Laura I think you have an amazing gift. The use of photos and the meanings they carry are incredible! You were able to, and had the power to tell your personal story with out it focusing on a voice over. I like the music you used, I am glad you were able to find the music that fit! I admire you so much for sharing this story. I think your boyfriend is amazing for being willing to help you with something like this. I really really liked it.


Laura! I admire you for using such a personal topic. It takes a lot of courage for someone to make a video that's so personal. Great job.

Laura! your film was cool and scary at the same time. I thank you for sharing something so hard to share. Many people would never try sharing this experience with anyone. You've done great with the explanation and the video is powerful. Nice video

OMG!!! i love your video! I think it just beautiful! it must of take a lot of courage to tell a story of this! and i really admired u for it! I love the song, our voice over, the images and everything! love it! u did great!


I really enjoyed how went there with this story you really let us into your personal life....thank you

wow im so proud of you for this vvideo. it takes a lot to tell one of these story and i thank you for sharing it. everything was on point with your video

The black and white photos really stand out. I think it expresses sadness which goes along with the theme of the story, nice. The videos on 1:30 is awesome. How you put it bars is great. Also, the pictures really speak alot. The ending was also unexpecting (color photo).

Thank you so much laura for sharing your story. I loved how personal your video was and it explained the pain you went through. Great job on your video.

Very good video Laura! It's really nice to see the finished product after the bits and pieces that we heard and saw in class.
You are very talented Laura. Keep up all the good work!

This is a very powerful and effective video that really penetrates the heart and makes people aware of this alarming issue. I just want to say you are a very strong person and I pray that you will get stronger everyday with the continue of the support you are getting and I wish you luck and happiness in everything you do!

Mario Lamar Terrell II