I Know My Family Like the Back of My Hand- By Mario Lamar Terrell II


I must be honest and say that I had not planned on doing this as my final project. Rachel had us do a rough draft that required us to make a story on a particular image. The picture at the very beginning and end was the picture I chose to write about. It only took me 30 minutes during my study time and I did not feel it came from the heart although it was true, I felt like I was just messing around and did a rush job. But after the praise, and criticism session we had a lot of people liked it including Rachel, which really boosted my self-esteem as well as surprised me as I thought I could do better than what I originally did. I got a lot of good tips to improve my story which inspired my title I know the family like the back of hand, and the section where I add in a part about myself. Originally the line I know my family like the back of my hand, which like I said previously I was just fooling around, but my classmates made me realize how powerful that one line was. Also the story was just about my family and I did not include myself until Rachel influenced me to. Sorry about the long foo-foo talk, but without further ado enjoy.


I love the wording you used in the video. The repeating of "the back of my hand" makes it a strong video. Great job.

I really liked the way your voice sounded through out the entire piece. I love how you said "i know my family like the back of my hand" after everyones piece about them.

Good story. I like how you go into detail about your family's background, showing us things that we wouldn't normally be able to see from what seems to be an ordinary family picture. Great video.

I really like your voice! i think that your voice just made the movie so much more meanful. i like how u talk about your family like they are so close to you! and i bet they are! but i just really like the close family tie, i think that you show us a good job in your video!


I really liked your voice over and it matched with your video which makes it perfect. Also, I liked the pictures that you had.

Hey Mario! Love the voice over and how you made the video something we all can relate to. Plus your voice over goes perfectly well with the video itself. You own take in the video is very noticeable and really real. Thanks for sharing your video, it was inspiring and very relatabe.

Mario, I really enjoyed watching your digital story. I think your voice over was amazing. Your story is something that I can also relate to. It's like other people could look at a photo and think that the people in it are happy people, when in reality, they are just human. You are a really great writer. Good Job.

Mario, I really liked your video, it was very conversational and real. I like how you took the advice about using the line " I know my family like the back of my hand" it really tied the story together. Your voice worked perfectly for the mood of your story! I think you did an amazing job and I really respect your honesty.


Your voice is truly a gift Mario. I am glad that you had the chance to incorporate yourself. How you tied yourself into your family as you explained yourself was excellent. Your music choice was also ideal. I really liked your piece, it turned out very amazing.