Jasmine Dittrich's Final Reflection

[From this incredible journey I will take...]

Journey is the best way to describe this class.  Ironically I have always been interested in the creation of movies, videos and cartoons.  I often wonder what it would be like if I created my own personal video.  In this class I was given the opportunity to do that.  I learned more that I thought I would in while taking this course.  I was never really aware of how much time and work it take to edit a video.  Throughout this journey I have learned more about myself as well.  Knowing that I have always had a passion of writing poetry, I was curious as to what I would ever be able to do with it.  Normally my poems just sit in a notebook.  In this class I was able to put my words to use (literally).  For as long as I can remember I have been very apprehensive about sharing my writing and words with others.  Obviously, I have gotten over it, for the most part, despite the strong apprehension.  

I never expected to have fun in a college class, also I never expected to be so determined to start and finish work in a class.  This class changed my prior thoughts.  I am incredibly grateful and feel very fortunate and lucky to have had the opportunity to participate in this digital storytelling class, along with watching others digital stories.  I am glad that I chose this class instead of the CLU!! 

Lastly, I want to thank Rachel and Eddie you two really helped me and were able to give me useful feedback and advice on my work!