Jessica's Midterm Video "A Story of Love"


My instructor, Rachel Raimist, told me that a story is a gift. With that said, I wanted to create a gift for my boyfriend. My gift was our story of love. This video shows how I feel about him.


Loved how you used the music and how you used effects for your pictures.

I loved this video.
This really made me think of my relationship.
Your music and voice over were amazing!
Great job!

This story is really touching. I love the use of transitions in this story. I loved how you used pac man and ms. pac man as well as the heart made by your hands. They really stand out and add to the digital story.

encore!!!!! lol it was great i love the puppy love

Awesome choice of music. The tone of your voice was really AWESOME. You did an amazing job with this video

This was such a wonderful movie! I love the timing of your movie. I love how you made us feel that we can see the love that you and your boyfriend share. I think that is very important! I love you! You should teach me to touch with Final Cut! You are Great!


Hey Jessica! I liked your song and everything you added in the video. The pictures and your voice added the element of love into your story. I liked how you took your time to say the words and showed everyone about the love you have. You are good at dedicating a story to your boyfriend its meaningful. I liked your story.

The video you created is very heartfelt. I admire what you two have, one can see so much beauty in what you two share. Absolutley amazing piece.

Jessica, as odd as it may sound, your video is very relatable in the fact that even though some one like me has never experienced this feeling (of love) that is shown in your video, I got a sense of how this type of feeling is. I like how you took feedback that was given to you in the circle! And being your roommate it was cool for me to see and meet the boy you are on the phone with! aha I really liked it and I'm sure he did too! Nice job!

Your story was very cute, I liked how you showed the relationship between you and your bf. My favorite part was when you did the Mr. and Mrs. Pacman and the heart. Good job!