Justin's Midterm Digital Story "Impact"


I created this story dedicating it to my best friend Samantha Kelly, who has passed away on June 23, 2007. She was a great friend who was taken too soon. Video created by Justin Frederiksen.


This is a beautiful tribute video. Samantha is a beautiful girl! & Your willingness to share something so painful is really inspiring. I love the use of images, rhythm, pacing, and the use of repetition - six 23 07 - every effective.

This video was beautiful! I love the soundtrack and the picture. I really admired you for your courage to tell something so painful to the world. You did a great job!!!


I love how the music goes well with your video, also it's a great video.

Such a amazing video for your friend. i love the heart beat at the beginning, it is a very good hook to get the audiences attention. The way you talked about her and how you showed her is so amazing. I love your video. it was such a nice tribute to your best friend.

I think this story was emotional. It really came out and gave alot of detail and how much you miss her. Great job!

I really liked your video. It was very powerful. You have a great deal of courage to share an obstacle that is so painful. I do not think that I would have as much courage to share something so personal to the world. I am positive that she would love this video.

I really liked your story a lot and I appreciated how deep and personal you made your video. The heartbeat in the beginning gives the watcher an idea of whats coming and I thought that was a very nice touch.

Your story is beautiful. I really enjoyed how you go into detail about the emotions aroused from your community in reaction to your friend's death. It touches the heart.

Justin this was a really touching story. I've never lost a friend but i felt what you felt during this video. Impact.... that was very powerful and i could see every correction they we talked about in class..great job!

Justin, I thought it was very brave of you to do this video!
I admire you for taking some of the advice we gave you in feedback.
You video caught and held my attention and I thought it was very powerful. Even though not everyone has gone through something like this, but it was easy to relate to.
I think you did a really good job.

i really enjoyed this story. What I liked the most was the music. Even though your story was very somber your music showed how much you enjoyed the time she was alive. Good job.


Your piece amazes me each and every time I see it. The heart beat enthralls us into your story. I dont think the music shows much sadness, it shows more over hope and a new start, which I think is very effective. I really enjoyed your piece.