Mike Carter "Champ"



This story is wonderful!
I loved the voice over and the passion that you have for this player...
You really chose a great soundtrack that really brings the joy out of this story!
Great Job Mike!

I like your video it builds up and reaches a climax at the end when he catches the pick and takes it back.

this video really puts a smile on my face its fantastic mike.. lol wow u really used that one picture in so many ways.. it kind of reminds me of u as a football player. ur drive an passion for the game! Wow i was blown away!


I really liked the way you described the football players uniform. You described things in this image that no one really pays attention to. Good Job Mike.

WOW! I love the way you described the player each part while at the same time zooming out! I love your determination to success! This is a great video! Love it!!


Pretty good. It shows how strong your passion for football is and how you aspire to be at the sport. This tells us a lot about you and what you want to do. Great Video.

I love how you related Champ to yourself. Your descriptions were great. Your video describes how if you try your best, you can make it far. The video you used went great with the story as well.

This video was awesome, I liked how you went to a youtube video to show that he caught the ball and ran for a touchdown.

Liked how you described the football player. Also, I liked the short clip you used.

I really liked your video and the way that you described the player. I also liked how the music fit with the video and my favorite part of the video was when you said "superbowl" and it went to the picture of him down on his knee in the endzone. Good job Mr. Carter!

This video shows a lot fo admiration. I like how you tie it to yourself, through one line.

Mike Carter, I LOVED the drums in your video it really set the tone and mood of your story! I also love the description of his uniform to show what he represents every time he steps on the field to play. I like the video of him getting the interception because it was nice to add a picture to the words.