This is a story about me growing up without a father. A man who I thought was my hero died at the mercy of his drug addiction. This was my way to express my feelings for him and his murder.


How very brave of you! Please be proud of this video. Your honesty is really compelling. I love the v.o. track --- the way it's written and the way you read it. I also love the last time you show your Dad's photo: "This may seem like just a photo of a Black man with a baseball hat...." - so powerful!

Your story has made me cry every time I've watched it (many now)!


The use of the song and black terms made this story great.

Good choice in music and pictures. It reaches out and connects to the audience. Great job.

You have a very touching story...
I know that this took a lot for you to do and I think that you did an awesome job!

I can really relate to your video. My family is currently in a similar situation. Drugs and alcohol have taken my dad away, he was there my whole life, but it felt like he wasn't. He never cared, never went to anything for me. But I understand somewhat of what you went through. I know it takes a lot to make something like this, and I believe it turned out great.

Awesome video and liked it a lot.

I really liked your story Orlando. It is very powerful and personal and I liked when you said "in the blink of an eye he was gone" and you had made the picture blink then had it fade away.

Orlando, I loved your video on your father. Its inspiring that you can talk about your father and tell everyone about it. It takes a lot of determination to do what you did. I loved your video, the blink that you added in the video made it more realistic and something that would really happen in life. Thanks for sharing the story with us, i loved it.

this video was very touching and its images go with the Voice over very well.

Your voice gives this video all the power. Your courage and strength to make this video shows so much about you. It also inspires us to be grateful for what we all have, and who we have in our lives. This is a very amazing piece filled.

-Dear Laura

DUDE! Your voice is awesome! Gosh you are so hot! The voice is just so nice with the movie and made the movie flow in a hot way! Good job!


You have a lot of courage to show your video to the world. I can relate with you and your story. I also grew up without a father. I envy you for having so much courage to tell a story about growing up without a father. Good job!!

Lando, your video was a tribute to you father that you recently came in contact with, I thought it was incredibly courageous to do this video. I like you tone of voice and the (rhetorical) questions you asked, it really gave the audience the opportunity to put themselves in your place. Good job!

I thought your story was very touching and I enjoyed it very much. Your story was very personal and I appreciate that you opened up to tell us it.