Pa's Mid-Term Video "My Life Story"


This is a story about me. The growth that I went through to become who I am today. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks



Awesome, I like your video and good job.

PA!! =] your video is really good! I really like your voice over. You did a great job of using metaphors. I really like your images too! Great job Pa!!

I like how personal your story is. You have a very good image selection(i.e. the muddy bird, the flower reaching the top of the lake, etc.). Amazing job.

I liked your baby picture. You looked so much like a hmong child. Also your growing image is awesome. I liked the growing flower in the water.

I love the pictures you used of the water lilys blossoming. It was a great video and I can relate to it myself. Your video is inspirational and it shows you have overcome a lot. Great video.

I really liked how you compared yourself to the real world. Also, I enjoyed the different pictures you had like the flowers and the duck.

Your voice truly is a gift for this video and to us. The mix of your pictures with natures beauty is very effective. The viewpoint in each picture fits your piece ideally. Your video was very powerful and it takes courage to tell us how much you have grown. I admire that.

Pa, I loved how your video showed a different side of you that almost none of us knew was there. I think your story was very inspiring and I loved the part of the lilly changing into a flower it really exemplified the growth of you as a person! It too a lot of courage to create this video and I am really glad you shared your story with us!