Saajan Bhakta's Digital Story


This story is how I played tennis all 4 years of my high school career. Being one of the worst, I really had to improve to just comeback on the team after freshman year. Made by Saajan Bhakta.


I like your video. The words came in on time and everything. I just have one question. Was that really you in freshmen year? OH gosh you look so different man. but i like the video. lol

Good message. I like how you use the "practice makes perfect" idea. Good selection of subtitles.

Liked how you used the effects and everything went well on your video.

You story is very inspirational. I loved the start of your video. It went great with the music. Your story inspires and shows that you truly can get from one of the worst to one of the best with hard work. Great video Saajan.

WOW! That was such a great movie! I love the song you put it in there. It draws the viewer right into the movie and I really like that! You should teach me to play tennis ok? I am so proud of you!


I really like the song "Eye of the Tiger" lol. that is my ringtone!! =] lol.. good job!!

I loved the beginning with the words playing out to the beats of the music. Great choices for the music, "Final Countdown" is one of my personal favorites. Your determination to succeed and reach for your dreams is a lesson for all to learn.

I loved the beginning of your video and I LOVE how you took my advice (even if you had already thought of it too) of showing what it took for you to improve! I really like the song it fit with your story especially at the beginning!

Nice job on your video! I really liked how you pushed yourself to be better in tennis and showed us through your video.

that was really me in freshman year!