The Way I Play the Game


This story is a representation of the state of mind I am in during the course of my athletic competitions. It exemplifies the amount of determination I have in sports.


Great job jasmine!
I really liked your song choices in your video.

Hey there Jasmine. You video was super cool. I liked how you had a rap of your own at the end. I liked he echo that was used in your story. Very well done

I liked how you used echo for your beginning and I liked the Haterade picture. I liked how your voice over goes with the music.

WOW! you are such a wonderful singer! i really like how u are willing to add your own singing voice which just make the piece strong and that it belong to you! best of luck to u and your sport!!


Loved the echo in the beginning. The words flowed great, and the rap at the end worked very well. Overall, the video was great.

Awesome video. The pictures went well with your soundtrack and voice over. The rap at the end was really creative


Your piece turned out great. I loved your voice in this piece and your creativity in your rap was tight. It reminded me of a recollection of time, all up until this very day. I really enjoyed this.

Hey Jazz. I really liked your video. I liked the different song choices that you put into your video. The echo in the beginning of your video was good. It seemed like you were in the zone. Good Job Jazz.

um nice going i loved you rap. u rap kind of like jay-z!!!!!

very cool your amazing !

very cool your are amazing !