Tiffany's Digital Story


I made this video in Digital Storytelling Class. I made it to give my audience a deeper insight into my personal life.


Thank you for sharing so many of your gifts --- as storyteller, video editor, singer, songwriter... This story really resonates with me! I want to add your song into my ipod.


Your video is inspiring. You were able to take one photo and make a story out of it. I loved the music and the use of one picture made your voiceover stand out even more than it would if you had multiple picture. Great job on your video.

I liked how you used only one picture and your voice over.

First, you have the most beautiful voice ever! Go on to American Idol! I will come support you! But I really like your video, I love the message in your video. It just remind me of us going off to college, many people can relate to this movie! GOOD JOB!


Your video was very powerful. You have a lot of confidence to put a song that you sang and wrote on your digital video. Good Job!!

I love your video and your song in the background. You have an amazing voice and your song really fit your deep story. Great job!

I loved how you took one picture and done it. I like that you made a song to go so well with the video. It was nice and i liked your own creativity in the video.

Your voice is very powerful, it became so much more when I found out the music was also yours. The use of one picture was very effective as well. It truly did gives us an insight of you.

Tiff, your voice is incredible. I think you have a real gift and you realize it which I think is really important. Your video was real, personal and very powerful. At times I got chills hearing the words you spoke, I really like it.