Tshaj's Midterm Video


This is about me and my friends during my high school years at, Patrick Henry High School.


This video really evokes nostalgia. I think a lot of us can relate to your story and experience. I love the intertwining of your images with found images. Great job!

I love the humor that you put in the movie. I really think the movie showed a great deal on how much you admired your friends. I really like it. Good job!


I liked your video Tshaj! it was awesome and i liked the pictures. I see the relationship you have with your friends and its something i can relate to. You always take pictures, why not become a photographer?

I really liked your video. The soundtrack for your piece was extraordinary. The images on your video were very impressive too.

I really liked your video, it showed your appreciation for high school and all your friends.

Your video was so cute! I really liked how it was relatable, and I loved the poem. good job.

Your story really speaks to me because everyone has been in that point in their life, simply at different time and places. The music and your voice tie it all together. Truly amazing.

I really liked the picture you used! It really fit your story. I really like the poem you wrote it made you story that much more personal!