Volleyball ((An Inside Look))


This is a video about the game of volleyball. Not often do athletes have the opportunity to express the way the feel about the game they love. Usually the media focuses only on their reactions after a win or a loss. In this video I (poetically) explain the game and how it is played, along with the expression of my passion for the game of volleyball.


Jazmine! I love your passion for this sport. I'm glad that I got to see your movie, I feel like I know your interests much better than I did before. Great job.


I feel you truly have a talent with words. The way you words things have been very successful in both of your videos. I really enjoy watching them again and again. I feel coming from having no idea of what you were to do for the longest time, that you came out very successful. Also the picture of you with the volleyball in the locker room is a very successful shot. I liked not only the art found in it but it brought you further into the story showing us your dedication. Very nice work Jasmine.


Cool video! i loved the way you used a variety of music to explain what you said. You have a nice spike! and high jumps!

i love the word that u use to describe your feeling for the game of volleyball! the way how u describe and the video u use showed that u love the game u play and u are proud of it! i really like that and i can relate to that! i love playing badminton too! and i know how it feels to love a game so much! nice work!

Jazz I really liked your poem about volleyball, and I liked the part about the 3-step approach & how you used the video overlapping one another. Good Job on your video!

Cool video Jazz...as always, nice use of music to support your voice over.

This is an amazing video. It was very hard for me to watch because I have been in that situation myself, and it made me think about the number of people who DON'T tell their stories about what happened. I believe you are very strong for being able to do this.

I believe the way you use the different angles, music and voice over is great. I know nothing about volleyball, but your video really brings me in to the video. Great video overall.

This was a very passionate video and I really liked how you showcased your love for Volleyball poetically.

Mario Lamar Terrell II