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Evie's Final

Over the course of these past six weeks I have learned a lot from both my writing class and this class my digital storytelling one. I have learned that if I push myself I can accomplish things I didn't think I would be able to and that I am more creative than I originally thought. I really enjoyed this class and I liked how helpful everyone was all the time. Thanks so much for this great opportunity and sharing what you know about making videos!

Tiffany's Final Course Reflection

Sorry I didn't post this on the blog in the first place. :(

This project was probably the most difficult part of the entire Bridge program for me. Looking back, I feel this was both a good thing and a bad thing. I feel it's a bad thing, because in the end I honestly don't believe my video reached its fullest potential. On the other had I feel it is a good thing because I learned numerous valuable lessons upon the course of completion. For instance, I learned it's very helpful to have a plan, whether it be a storyboard, an outline, or even basic notes on where you're going with the project. In the previous project, I really took advantage of the in class exercises we did, and they really helped to shape my project. This time, however, it was really up to us to come up with our own strategies that would best help us complete the project. Another thing I learned was to not procrastinate. I've had various experiences that should have served as reason to never ever procrastinate again. But I truly belive that this experience, with working with Orlando and staying up till 8 in the morning! really did teach me to not procrastinate.

One of the things that I did different this time was I worked in a group. I did my final project with Orlando. I know there's the phrase "two heads are better than one" but there were plenty times that having two people didn't make the project easier, but twice as hard. Because, even while you could split the numerous tasks, there were many times that you had to consider two points of view rather than just deciding something and moving on. Don't get me wrong though, in the end, I am very happy that I worked with Orlando. I'm glad because we had a nice balance in the work load, also because we both had great ideas when it came to constructing the project.

The hardest part of the project for Orlando and I was definitely coming up with a topic. First, we thought we wanted to do kind of a humorus piece that would focus on the issue of violence, and we would create a music video to the song beat it by Michael Jackson...problem, we only had two people in our group.  Next, we decided to do a Digital Storytelling project on Homelessness, we were going to focus on homelessness and poverty in Minneapolis. We were supposably going to collect footage and photos  from around downtown Minneapolis We didn't have a clue, and we still don't. The third idea we had was to switch our focus from poverty to consumerism in the U.S...We honestly thought that we were going to go with this idea. We probably spent two days collecting media and pictures for this particular idea. When we worked on this topic, however, we had no drive. We didn't have a gift, and we didn't feel connected to the project. Realizing this dilemma was hard for us, but it was critical for us to recognize this problem and fix it, and the only way to do that was change our topic. I can remember that moment in time exactly "Orlando..."

            "Yeah Tiffany?"

            "I hate to say it but..."

            "But what?"

            "I think we need to...switch our topic..." 

            "...*sigh* your right...what are we gonna do?"

Mind you this occurred Wednesday, the day before the rough cut was due. We then brainstormed again and miraculously came up with a topic that no one could've ever guessed. Kidding, we chose dnace and piano!

            We quickly got started on this project gathing media. We were gather mostly photos and also youtube videos along with a voice over track and then music too. Being that we changed out topic so late, we were working on it we spent a lot of time on the day that we decided to change it the first time. After about twelve hours, we had a minute of roughly edited footage, which for us was good.  After another loooong day of tedius work, last minute filiming, picture taking, photo uploading, interviews, constructing, repetitive rendering, and massive deadly errors...we finally had our piece.

As I said earlier, I really wish that I would've been more organized in my approach to the entire program. This really brings me back to Lambert and the different approaches to finishing the project that he gives us such as writing exercises and what not. Also, another thing that Lambert shares that really helps with story building in general is the seven elements. Paying attention to these elements would've have helped Orlando and I to choose a topic that we were emotionally attached to a lot sooner.

Also, looking at other articles I found on academic search premier like Mastering Digital Media by Jenniger Dempski and even First Person Singular: The Power of Digital Storytelling by Genevieve Tucker, and also based on what I learned in class, it has been made clear the power that Digital storytelling can have if you use it well. So I've learned that only in approaching the video with the correct manner  can your have its fullest potential.

I have really enjoyed this class and all that I've learned. Both the good and the bad. I'm glad that I am able to see what I did wrong and learn from it.

Personally, I want to say it has been a privilege to be in your class, you have inspired me to do whatever I want regardless of what the statistics say. Again congrats on your Doctorate, I know you'll go far!!






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At the beginning of this class i did not want to be apart of it at all. I thought i was just goint to be a class filled with a lady just telling us what to do on a computer. I came to realize after the first week that this class was goin to be one of my favorite. this class really assured that you cant judge a book by its cover. During this class I experienced some feelings and emotions that i didnt think i had. Just stories and life experiences helped people and myself understand one another. I feel that this is the hardest i've ever worked in any class in my life. I really enjoyed this class along with the teacher and the TA's. I will always remeber this class and the life long experiences.

From this Journey, I will take...

During the course, Digital Storytelling I learned about what a true story is, a chapter in our lives, a fragment of our human being. A story is a reflection of who we truly are. Digital Storytelling showed me that I am scared to show everyone who I truly am. I am scared to face my obstacles and conquer them. It opened my mind to a realm of release. Some of us are able to take our life stories and share them freely; luckily I was able to learn this from this class. No matter where my feet choose to take me, no matter where I choose to travel in my life, this class and the lessons learned from it will go with me, for the information is vital. We discover ourselves through stories, without them we are lost. We have no sense of direction in life without a story to help us discover. Digital Storytelling has taught me a little more about me and where I am going in life. It has taught me the struggles I face are easier to overcome through stories. It has taught me the true meaning of a story.