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Eric Jacque's Digital Story

The Way I Play the Game


This story is a representation of the state of mind I am in during the course of my athletic competitions. It exemplifies the amount of determination I have in sports.

Mike Carter "Champ"


Pa's Mid-Term Video "My Life Story"


This is a story about me. The growth that I went through to become who I am today. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks


Evan's midterm video-"An amazing year"


This is about my junior year of high school, which I spent abroad in Eastern Europe.

Dear Laura's Midterm Video


This video is created for my little brother, John. His passion and dedication for baseball amazes me each and every day. Love you John.

I Know My Family Like the Back of My Hand- By Mario Lamar Terrell II


I must be honest and say that I had not planned on doing this as my final project. Rachel had us do a rough draft that required us to make a story on a particular image. The picture at the very beginning and end was the picture I chose to write about. It only took me 30 minutes during my study time and I did not feel it came from the heart although it was true, I felt like I was just messing around and did a rush job. But after the praise, and criticism session we had a lot of people liked it including Rachel, which really boosted my self-esteem as well as surprised me as I thought I could do better than what I originally did. I got a lot of good tips to improve my story which inspired my title I know the family like the back of hand, and the section where I add in a part about myself. Originally the line I know my family like the back of my hand, which like I said previously I was just fooling around, but my classmates made me realize how powerful that one line was. Also the story was just about my family and I did not include myself until Rachel influenced me to. Sorry about the long foo-foo talk, but without further ado enjoy.

Saajan Bhakta's Digital Story


This story is how I played tennis all 4 years of my high school career. Being one of the worst, I really had to improve to just comeback on the team after freshman year. Made by Saajan Bhakta.

Jessica's Midterm Video "A Story of Love"


My instructor, Rachel Raimist, told me that a story is a gift. With that said, I wanted to create a gift for my boyfriend. My gift was our story of love. This video shows how I feel about him.



This is a story about me growing up without a father. A man who I thought was my hero died at the mercy of his drug addiction. This was my way to express my feelings for him and his murder.

Tiffany's Digital Story


I made this video in Digital Storytelling Class. I made it to give my audience a deeper insight into my personal life.

Evie's Midterm Video


This video shows the relationship between my best friend Ashley and me.

Tshaj's Midterm Video


This is about me and my friends during my high school years at, Patrick Henry High School.

Justin's Midterm Digital Story "Impact"


I created this story dedicating it to my best friend Samantha Kelly, who has passed away on June 23, 2007. She was a great friend who was taken too soon. Video created by Justin Frederiksen.