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Digital Storytelling

1.) Ohler, Jason. Digital Storytelling in the Classroom: New Media Pathways to Literacy, Learning, and Creativity. Thousand Oaks, CA: Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press, 2008

The main point of this book is to allow readers to see how Jason Ohler explains the ways to create a digital story in a classroom.  The book has standard guides to storytelling.  It is sort of like a "Digital Storytelling Book for Dummies."

It is very useful.  This book contains a great deal of information that would help anyone.  It is a great book for inexperienced people who want to learn how to create a good digital story.

This source was extremely helpful.  It helped me see what the book is really used for.  It also shows that it can really enhance my ability to be creative with my digital stories.

2.)  Miller, Carolyn Handler. Digital Storytelling : A Creator's Guide to Interactive Entertainment. Amsterdam ; Boston: Amsterdam ; Boston : Focal Press, 2004.

This book was created to aid scriptwriters and directors.  This digital storytelling book is broken up into eight categories.  It mainly focuses on the little things in a film.   

The book is only a useful source if a scriptwriter is looking for more knowledge on digital storytelling.  Although it can be used by other people, you have to be able to understand it in order to use it.  It is also good because it is separated into categories, which help readers better understand the information more.  

This source was not very helpful to me because I am not a screen writer. I am also not very advanced in digital story editing.  If I were more advanced in Final Cut, I think this book would aid me more than it is now. 

3.) Demski, Jennifer. "Mastering Digital Media." T H E Journal 36.4 (2009): 19-. 

This is an online-based master's degree in instructional media.  It is a 10 course class that takes about two years to complete. There is also a variety of students in this class.  It is very diverse.

This scholarly journal is not very useful because it turned out to be an online class.  People who are looking for information for a project do not have time to take a course to find out the things that they need to complete their projects.

This was not a helpful source to me because the things that I could learn in that class are the things that I am learning now.  It does not aid me in any way.  I cannot use this source in my research project because it would take too long to find the information that I need.

Frederick Douglass

1.) Burns, Ann. "Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave (Book)." Library Journal 128.7 (2003): 146. 

This book is about an American slave who longs for freedom and education.  As a slave, he was never allowed to gain that education.  As time went on, he learned how to read and write and gained freedom.

This was not really a good source because the review was too short and did not provide very much information.  The goal is to provide future readers with interest in the book.  Although the article was short, the author used a good range of vocabulary.

This source was not very helpful to me because it did not provide very mu;ch information.  Although it is not very helpful, you can use some of the provided information in a project.  Some information is more helpful than none. 

2.) Diedrich, Maria. Love Across Color Lines : Ottilie Assing and Frederick Douglass. New York: New York : Hill and Wang, 1999.

This biography is about a love affair that ended horribly.  Frederick Douglass' love affair, with Ottilie Assing, ended when he married his wife, Helen Pits.  She ended up committing suicide.  The author, Maria Diedrich, tells an interracial love story.  It is "basically a difficult book about a difficult relationship."

This book can be a useful source if a person is doing a project or paper on Frederick Douglass' life.  Although it is a useful source, I am unsure if it is reliable.  The author is very clear about stating that "all judgments, including her own, are provisional."

This was not really a helpful source.  Now that I have read this, I see Frederick Douglass as a completely different person.  It shows that everyone is capable of doing something wrong.

3.) Prioleau, Rachelle C. "Frederick Douglass: Abolitionist and Humanist."Howard Journal of Communications 14.3 (2003): 177

This journal is about how determined Frederick Douglass was about overcoming his struggles. He was not only determined for himself but for others too. It communicates how the government and religion played a huge part in his roles in life.  

This could be a useful source for people because it provides a great deal of information to support its main points.  It is reliable because it is a scholarly journal.  

This source was also helpful to me because it provided me with more knowledge about Frederick Douglass.  I am able to use this source in my project because it is a scholarly source and it also contains great information.  It has not changed my view of my topic.