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Opening of Favela Rising

Clips of I Was A Teenage Feminist

Don’t Need You (you know, the one you skipped from the last blog post):

We also watched clips from:

Planet B-Boy


Watch these samples of (mostly short) videos as inspiration for your video. 

Assignment: Post a reflection of what you've seen, and where applicable, connect what you have seen with what you are understanding from any of the reading (Jeff Chang "Stimulus" article, Thenmohzi interview, and what we've read and discussed about the media and digital media + storytelling). Post in the COFFEE HOUSE forum on our course Moodle (NOT on this course blog) - 

Media That Matters Film Festival -

Current TV -

"Pieces (Bling-Bling)"

"Locusts" -

"barely audible" -

D-Nice's "Experiencing the Dream" -

"Slip of the Tongue" -

"Indigenous Holocaust" -

"I am Sean Bell: black boys speak" -

Oscar Grant Tribute video -

"Don't Need You" (trailer) -

"Decolonizing Black Women's Bodies"

Women of Color Resource Center
Do Tell project -⁞nsfw=dc

Helpful Links for Analzying Form (key terms)

What makes a good story?

Read about stories on iRoom Stories, browse the list of links on the RIGHT SIDEBAR of this blog, and see Lambert’s suggested links (appendix in your Digital Storytelling book).

For this assignment, view digital stories, considering the CONTEXT, CONTENT and FORM of each story.

Post a short analysis of two digital stories (favorites or least favorites). For each post an image (and/or pull image grabs of your favorite images), and link to the original piece.

For each write a short reflection (about 125-250 words) for each piece you’ve selected.


1- the context [where the story was created, or anything you know about the maker, if there is text that tells you info posted with the video, where it was created (workshop)]

2- the content[what the story is about, theme, thesis, moral…]

3- the form of the piece [what forms of media used, how the piece is edited, etc]

4 - why this is a “good” story (read: why/how this piece engages you, draws you in, why you like it…)

!!! Post in Category 2. Digital Story Analysis by 8am on Thursday, June 25 !!!

Here are examples from my former students: DS in Communities of Color and We Media