A Message from Scott

Thumbnail image for Picture1.gifGreetings Alumni & Friends,

We are on the move this academic year. We know in research the ability to draw connections between fields, translate ideas into action, and spur practically-minded innovation is crucial. A quick visit to our website, www.aaas.umn.edu, and you can observe that faculty and staff are deeply involved with the continued exciting research and teaching that relates to the experiences of Africans in the diaspora. This focus has led to increased enrollment in classes and students majoring in African American & African Studies.

As alumni & friends, you sustain us. Throughout the year, many of you call or visit to share your successes with us. Your calls and visits help us to "keep on keeping on." Through you, we remain connected to the true purpose of our work: putting theory into practice to improve our communities. Please make it a priority this year to join us for department and university events. As always we look forward to your suggestions and continued engagement with the department. Our ability to continue on this path of growth means having our alumni friends engaged in our shared endeavors. We welcome and invite your presence.

We hope you enjoy this issue of The Village. Take special care and be well.