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Clinical Research Services

The Clinical Research Services effort comprises three work groups:

       Regulatory Affairs

       Clinical Operations

       Support Services

Read the CRS Integration Teams' report presented to the Steering Committee and Bruce Blazar for consideration in December 2011.  The report will be evaluated during the next month.


View the Project Teams roster (with contact information).

Team members are also listed here:
CRS Integration Project Team - Support Services
Alan Berger, CV Med
Amanda Galster, Pediatrics
Debbie Dykhuis, CTSI
Denise Windenburg, CV Med
Elisabeth Sandberg Tan, CV Med
Gavin Watt, Public Health
Janet Hegland, Pediatrics
Jim Fisher, Public Health
Juan Torres, Cancer Center
Katie Mellskog, Cancer Center
Lisa Hostetler, CTSI
Sarah Cooley, Cancer Center
CRS Integration Project Team - Clinical Operations
Amanda Galster, Pediatrics
Daniel Duprez, CV Med
Denise Windenburg, CV Med
Dorothy K Hatsukami, Public Health
Jeanne Eull, CTSI
Jill Cordes, Public Health
John Bantle, Dept of Med
Judy Witte, Cancer Center
Julia Steinberger, Pediatrics
Julie Dicken, CV Med
Karen Johnson, CTSI
Katie Mellskog, Cancer Center
Michelle Roesler, Pediatrics
Mindy S Geisser, Public Health
Paul Orchard, Pediatrics
Toni Moran, Pediatrics
CRS Integration Project Team - Regulatory
Amanda Galster, Pediatrics
Bob Wilson, CV Med
Deb Engelhard, Public Health
Denise Windenburg, CV Med
Gavin Watt, Public Health
Gordon MacFarlane, CTSI
Janet Sauers, Cancer Center
Karen Johnson, CTSI
Katie Mellskog, Cancer Center
Peter Eckman, CV Med
Sarah Cooley, Cancer Center
Stacy Valenzuela, CTSI

Valerie O'Brien, Cancer Center



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Regarding the CRSI team report, there seems to be no input from our potential customers: industry and community.

We must be careful to include "outsiders" if we are to develop a proposal that will be useful and enduring.

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