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Only capitalize the first word of a headline on a web page. This is AP Style. Capitalize formal nouns within.


  • Paquette brought down by the Minnesota Daily, claims entrapment.


Don't capitalize "the" in the middle of sentences as part of an entity name.


  • Paquette has been removed from his post at the University of Minnesota.

  • Accused of sleeping at his desk, Paquette is no longer head of the Department of Family Medicine.


Capitalize words that are political divisions, geographic regions; do not capitalize words that only indicate direction.


  • Greater Minnesota

  • south Minneapolis

  • Hennepin County

  • the Jersey Shore


University is always capitalized when referring to the University of Minnesota, even if the full name is not used.


  • Megan is an outstanding student at the University.


Generally speaking, when an official title comes right before the name, it is capitalized; when it follows the name, it is not capitalized. Our experts will often try to change this, - but don't let them.


  • Assistant Professor Justin Paquette is the host.

  • Justin Paquette is assistant professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health.

If the person holds an endowed chair, or is a Regents Professor, the title is capitalized, no matter where it falls in the sentence.


  • David Sutherland holds the John S. Najarian Surgical Chair in Clinical Transplantation.

Do not capitalize titles that are in place of proper names.


  • The president spoke at Coffman Union.


We should still list degrees for expert guide headings, etc. Capitalize abbreviations of degrees and use periods; do not capitalize spelled-out degree names.


  • M.P.H.

  • M.D.

  • master's degree

  • doctorate

College/Department/Division/Association Names

Capitalize if using the official and full name.


  • School of Nursing

  • Paquette is chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine

Do not capitalize if shortened or non-official name.


  • nursing school

  • Paquette is a professor in family medicine.

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