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Use figures for all dates.


  • Frank's party was on Dec. 5, 2007.

*Note - at times ordinals (e.g. 15th) are appropriate when you've expressly noted which year you are discussing.


  • Later this year, on Nov. 5th, Paquette will hold his seminar on reconstructive surgery.

Spell out numbers unless referring to a specific time; always use figures with specific a.m. and p.m. times.


  • Our meeting lasted until after five.

  • The program begins at 8:30 a.m.


Use the word cents with amounts less than a dollar. Use the $ and the figure for amounts more than a dollar. Do not use zeros if the amount with even dollar amounts, unless part of a series.


  • Mini Medical School costs $60.

  • Student tickets are $2.50.

  • The price ranges from $25.50 to $50.00.

  • The researchers earned a $5 million grant.


Spell out numbers up to nine. Use figures for 10 and up.


  • five years

  • fourth quarter

  • 500 patients

  • 50th anniversary

Treat numbers consistently in the same sentence if they are referring to the same category of items. Spell out numbers when it is the first word of a sentence.


  • Of 25 yearly happy hours, 22 were held on campus and 3 were held off campus.

  • Sixty people came to the party.

Percentages: spell out the word "percent" and use the figure, unless it is at the beginning of the sentence.


  • Eighty percent of the team likes beer.

  • The researchers found 7 percent of study participants experienced side effects.

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