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Use the word cents with amounts less than a dollar. Use the $ and the figure for amounts more than a dollar. Do not use zeros if the amount with even dollar amounts, unless part of a series.


  • Mini Medical School costs $60.

  • Student tickets are $2.50.

  • The price ranges from $25.50 to $50.00.

  • The researchers earned a $5 million grant.


Use semicolons when you have two related sentences you want to connect without the use of a conjunction.


  • Megan sent the invitations; Emily compiled the final guest list.

The Serial Comma

Let's move on without it. It's becoming less and less common.


  • Robotic surgery is used for gynecologic, thoracic and urologic procedures.

  • Her research focus is primarily bone marrow failure, metabolic disorders and novel gene therapy.

*Note - at times a serial comma can help avoid ambiguity - and in this case they are acceptable.


  • The Paquette building houses urology, obstetrics and gynecology, and cardiology. (Without the serial comma, the list looks awkward.)

  • The lab houses Dr. Paquette, a nurse, and a psychiatrist. (Without the serial comma, the occupants could be mistaken as one person, who is a nurse and a psychiatrist. The serial comma establishes a list of three lab occupants.)

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