Best Blogging Platforms

I am testing 3 blogging platforms, Blogger, and the Movable Type Blog service the University of Minnesota subscribes to. I am evaluating for ease of use, the ability to integrate between, MS Word, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and the ability to customize by adding in  different services like tag clouds, track back, themes. Not only am i evaluating for my work team, but i am also evaluating for other people who would like to establish blog based web sites.

I will start from evaluating how to import your musings in MS Word into your blog. This is important because of ease of use. For instance, i don't like this small window and foreign controls that this UThink Movable Type service presents me with. I like to and am used to writing in MS Word. I know the controls and customizations and the window is large and i can save things to my PC. I don't want to cut paste as font may be lost. I want to able to write and use the publish feature.

So now I am off to finish this blog in MS Word to write the instructions. 
And here is where I hit a dead end.No matter all the different setting choices I select I cannot get Word to Publish to my UThink Blog on the Movable Type Platform. I looked all over the web and could not find any documentation. I did find a tutorial on using a freeware plug in call Post2Blog but it seemed it was no longer available anywhere.

So if you want to blog from MS Word to your blog on Movable use copy and Paste.

Actually some bloggers have said doing this adds a lot of junk code to your blog and advise that if you want to copy paste then do so from NotePad or WordPad.

New design launched using Movable Type

Our web site is sporting a new look and feel thanks to Movable Type and the Professional Template Set. The Professional Template Set makes it possible for just about anyone to get up and running with a new web site using Movable Type. It is literally as easy as just a few clicks. Just pick a new for your web site, select the Professional Template Set and publish. Then viola! a new web site. Thank you Movable Type!