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Most health workers don't get a flu shot

A recent article in USA Today reports that about 60 percent of health care workers do not get flu shots. The CDC recommends that all health workers get a flu shot, but experiences such as getting sick after recieving the vaccine are one reason that many health workers decide not to get it. While the article does mention that their are "few well documented cases of flu outbreaks caused by health care workers," this issue does raise some concerns. The close proximity of health care workers and patients can allow for the flu to spread easily.

Some hospitals require vaccines and the CDC recommends health care workers be offered free flu vaccines at work so that it is convenient for them to obtain the vaccine.


I think this is an interesting point. I've heard that it's common that many doctors end up in poor health because they often neglect their own susceptibility to health problems. Still, perhaps it should be noted that health care workers know that children and the elderly are most at risk for the flu, and so forgo getting the shot in favor of leaving supplies for those higher risk populations.