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U breaks flu shot record- kind of

The University of Minnesota broke the Guinness World Record for the most flu immunizations given in one day on Tuesday, Oct. 28. They gave 11,538 flu immunizations at four different locations around campus.

The 11,538 record smashed the previous record of 3,721. The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. said that they gave 7,401 flu shots in one day the week prior to the event, but they never filed paperwork to have the record verified and recorded.

People were offered flu shots or the flu mist on the day of the event. The articles in both the Star Tribune and the Minnesota Daily reporting on the event do not specify whether the people who received the flu mist are included in the final total. In fact, both articles state that the U broke the record for the most flu SHOTS in one day, but actually they should have said flu IMMUNIZATIONS because the flu mist DID count in the final total. This fact is not seen unless you read some of the comments posted under the MN Daily article online. A comment posted by someone in the MN Daily newsroom confirms that the flu mist was included in the total and that they gave out about 800 of them. So, even if the flu mist had not been counted, the U still would have broken the record. But shouldn’t that have been reported in the article? Is it responsible journalism to call the record a “flu shot? record when it is actually “flu immunizations??

Paperwork and other documentation still need to be verified by Guinness before the record is officially set.


Oops--let's just rephrase that! I bet we'll try again next year with more staff. I wonder how many students did not get immunized because of the ridiculously long lines. I went twice but left both times. It was a horrible inconvenience and I still did not get immunized.