Writing assignment 1

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-What parts of the process worked well?
I think making class part and scanner_test part is good processing. When we make the class, we think about the Linked List. We make the Token Manager part, so this one manages the Linked list of Token objects. Because we make this Token Manager in scanner.h , we can be short code in scanner.cpp. This processing is also good. In Scanner_test part, we already have a sample code from the professor. We are just changed by the scanner class. When we write the scanner test, we can make the many test case. Processing is also perfect.
-What parts of the process did not work so well?
I think making scanner class part. This part is divided by two. One is making the variable and keywords of the language. Second is making the process of matching keyword which is consumeWhiteSpace and keep track of the token information stored form the current largest match. Both of part are difficult to us. Firstly, when we make the variable, we have some error for variable. So, we find the error part and rerunning the code. This part is important to correct word. In second part, we create maxMatchedChars is used to ensure that the token used matches the longest string matched. We also make maxMatchedConsumable keeps track of how far we can move forward in the array. These two function reduce the miss match error part. Reducing the error, the terminal field is preset to lexicalError. If no match is found, it stays. Until we made this code, we try to process many code. These part is not work so well.
-How was it to work in pairs?
We divide making the variable part and making the process of matching part. We work each part in our house, and we mix our code in common area. When we work each part,I compare to his code as using svn commit and update. This svn is really comfortable for sharing code.
-What will you need to change for the next iteration to be more successful?
We like this processing. Using the svn system, we are divide and mix our code likely this project.
For successful code, we need to more perfect plan. When we divide the processing, we need to draw the diagram and create more error test code for debugging.
-what development practices will you continue to do use?
We use to abstract class in this project. In next project, I try to use the interface style. We see an object used through the interface.
This is a my plan. It is really interesting to me. In addition, I do the perfect classification and I create the debugging system for better. I'm not perfect UML System, but I try to sketch and blue print in UML Style.

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