October 25, 2007


Ok - YouTube is a real time trap! Here's a cute video - Budweiser donkey!


I looked at the MPR & NPR sites for podcasts. It was fairly obvious how to add them to Bloglines. I haven't tried listening to them all yet though. I also haven't searched for any library related podcasts yet.

Finding feeds

I found the search tools to be confusing. I think there were too many choices & it wasn't always clear how to add the feed. I need to spend more time experimenting...


Experimented further with Bloglines to unsubscribe & search. Seem to be getting a lot more Spam after subscribing to feeds.

IM revisited

With the help of Shixing, and the availability of people online, I was finally successful in using Jabber.


I have created a Facebook site. I have not used it since I created it.

First UThink Blog

First entry in UThink blog. Have a Blogspot blog but we are experimenting with a new template.