Assignmen 7


At the end of last week's assignment, I ended up with five products ideas, these were:
1. Hands warmer gloves
2. Invisible heating pads
3. All-in-one coat
4. Pillow (stuffed animal) convertible coat
5. Heating Coat

The following chart was my Pugh Chart

pugh chart.JPG

I decided to go with the convertible pillow coat idea not because it had more +s than the other product ideas, but I thought it would have good market opportunity according to my survey.

When naming the product, I thought of using names that would be attractive to the kids, or somehow had relationship to the kids.
The names I was thinking of using were: babybear, bearkids, kumabear, and kumakids.
At the end, I ended up with the name Kumabear. Kuma was a Japanese word for bear, I thought it was fun to pronounce for the kids, bear was just too common to say. I also didn't want to call it Kumakids because it might become a product for everyone to use, I didn't want to make a restriction.


Kumabear - final cut.wmv

Assignment 6


PART 1 - Marketable
In order to conduct decent amount of data from at least 15 people, I thought online survey would be the best option for me. I started putting the 10 best ideas from last week together, and colored each of them, so it looked somewhat presentable. I sent out the picture with attachment of descriptions for each individual product, and asked a couple of my friends to forward it to people they knew. Eventually, I ended up getting 18 responses back.

The following 5 pictures are the order of the ideas being sent out, and the data tables of respondents that showed their opinions on individual product ideas, as well as a table that had lists of suggestions from the respondents.

assignment 6.jpg





Based on the market survey, the 5 ideas that got at least "10 yeses" were:
Idea 2: Hands Warmer Gloves (11 yeses)
Idea 4: Invisible Heating Pad (10 yeses)
Idea 6: All-in-one Coat (10 yeses)
Idea 8: Pillow (stuffed animal) Coat (17 yeses)
Idea 9: Heating Coat (10 yeses)

The improvements I was thinking of were choice of either five fingers/none five fingers glove for idea 2; long life-span and ability of reusable for idea 4; and water proof and temperature control for idea 9.

PART 2 - Novel
Part A:
For second part of the assignment, I went on to the Amazon and google image to do a benchmark for my product ideas. In order to compare the closest product to my own product ideas, I did a 2x2 diagram on each of the ideas.

Idea 2: Hands Warmer Glove
My idea of the hands warmer glove was to develop gloves that would heats up entirely. When I searched for the keywords, the closest products I ended up were gloves with attachment of heating pads. There were gloves that had a layer for users to insert the heating pad in, and also a USB heating pad that came with gloves, which was only useful if there was a laptop for the USB to be plugged in.

1. benchmark - hands warmer glove.jpg

Idea 4: Invisible Heating Pad
The heating pads I found were mostly pads that you held in hand or bigger pads that were electrical generated for you to use at home. But my ideas were to having the heating pad somehow sticks to the user's body to keep users warm.

2. benchmark - invasible heating pad.jpg

Idea 6: All-in-one coat
The purpose of my all-in-one coat idea was to get the most coverage with a single coat. I was looking for a coat that would have double layers of hoodie, in which the inner hoodie would be used to protect the users' ears, a face mask, and gloves attached to the end of the sleeve. As a result, I did not find a one that fits exactly with my idea, so I ended up pulling some closest ones onto the graph.

3. benchmark - all in one coat.jpg

Idea 8: Pillow (stuffed animal) Coat
I was trying to find a coat that would fold itself into a stuffed animal (pillow), and when it was unzipped and unfold, the stuffed animal would be a decoration on the back of the coat. The closest thing I found was a cushion that would fold itself into a plush animals toy.

4. benchmark - pillow coat.jpg

Idea 9: Heating Coat
I was surprised when I found out that both Gerbing and Columbia had produced a thermal jacket that provided heat to the users. But the prices for both brands were pretty high. I also found a hand-made thermal heating system on a jacket, which I believed cost way more cheaper.

5. benchmark - heating coat.jpg

Part B:
For part B of the second part, I used Google patent to search for existing patents that were similar to my product ideas.

Idea 2: Hands Warmer Gloves
(US4535482 A) Heated Glove:
a heated glove utilizing a hand warmer is provided and consists of an inner layer of insulated material, a middle layer of waterproof material and an outer layer of leather material. The inner layer has a sealable top pocket to hold the hand warmer and five ducts for allowing heat to travel from the hand warmer to top of each finger tip of the hand.

Idea 4: Invisible Heating Pad

(US5476492 A) Body warmer for therapeutic purposes containing whole herb seed:
a method of enhancement of body heat production by application of whole seed of rubefacient mustard herbs of the Brassica genus and of herbs classified in the botanical family Cruciferae, in an anelastic breathable and pliable shell, whereby a balance between enhanced body heat production induced by whole seed of rubefacient herbs and heat dissipation is established, providing a steady warming effect without excessive heat build-up. A body warmer using the above method, comprising a shell of anelastic breathable and pliable material, divided into chambers containing whole seed of rubefacient herbs, and means of attachment to keep the warmer in place in desired area of human body.

Idea 6: All-in-one Coat
(US5953758 A) Long-sleeved garment with pocketed sleeves for hand warming and storage:
pockets placed into or onto the sleeves of a long-sleeved garment for warming or protecting of hands. A pocket is disposed on each sleeve in the area of the forearm so that an individual can easily insert his or her right hand into the left sleeve pocket and correspondingly, insert his or her left hand into the right sleeve pocket. A closure device may be added to one or both pockets for the storage of loose items. In addition, the pockets can be turned inside out allowing the individual to insert his or her right hand into the right pocket and his or her left hand into the left pocket from within each respective sleeve. When used in this fashion, the pockets can be shaped in the form of mittens or other glove-like form so that the individual can use his or her hands while still keeping them warm and protected.

Idea 8: Pillow (stuffed animal) Coat
(US6275993 B1) Cushion convertible to a poncho:
a cushion includes a flexible body and a zipper. The flexible body is formed from a moisture repellent shell and a lining that can be folded and retained by closure of the zipper to form the cushion. A handle is attached to the cushion for easy conveyance. The flexible body also includes an opening releasable sealable by a zipper and a hood stowed in a pocket. When the flexible body is unfolded, the cushion is convertible to a poncho configuration by placing the head of the individual through the opening. In addition, the hood may be removed from the pocket and worn by the individual.

Idea 9: Heating Coat
(US7230206 B1) Battery operated heated jacket:
a battery operated heated jacket, with removable body and sleeves and hood, the jacket with a removable liner, the liner further detachable from itself at the attachment of the sleeves and the hood, the attachment comprised of quick connects, the jacket comprised of a pocket containing a control box, the box containing a microprocessor, power source, heating controls, and media player, the hood comprised of earphones communicating with the media player, a detachable wire connecting the media player to the headphones.

PART 3 - Feasible
Idea 2: Hands Warmer Gloves
My main concern would be how do I even make a glove with an auto-heating and auto-cooling technology, it sounded not that feasible and might cost a lot.
The biggest concern for this design would be how to make a temperature sensitive gloves that would auto heat itself in a cold weather.
Since the gloves I researched on were mostly $13 or $14, I guessed that the manufacturing cost for gloves itself would be around $1. And if I would assume that my gloves were running at AA cell battery, the price of an AA battery was about $1.50. I then assumed that the manufacturing cost of AA battery would be $0.15. In total, the manufacturing cost of my hands warmer gloves would be $1.15.

Idea 4: Invisible Heating Pad
my concern for this idea was to think how to make the pad sticky to the human skin.
One product on my benchmark had a cost of $8, the ideas was very similar to my product idea but with shorter life-span and cannot be reused. The estimation of my manufacturing cost would be around $1.20.

Idea 6: All-in-one Coat
Concern for this would be how to make it less expensive to manufacture, it sounded there are a lot to put on and might not be efficient to manufacture if I want to sell it for lower price.
A similar coat cost about $50, which meant $5 would be manufacturing cost of the coat. I was thinking to go for the market that was between $20 and $50, my estimation for my manufacturing cost would then be around $2 - $4.5

Idea 8: Pillow (stuffed animal) Coat
My concern for this would be how to fully convert the coat into an pillow (stuffed animal), how would the actual coat be constructed.
Since the coat was designed for kids, the amount of fabric being used in this case wouldn't be much. And with zipper and fabric, the manufacturing cost would be around $2 - $3.

Idea 9: Heating Coat
The technology would be my biggest concern. I want to make it not as expensive as the one that's already existing, but it's hard to make one with low manufacturing cost.
If the coat would generate heat with AA cell battery, the estimated cost of manufacturing would be around $6 - $7

Assignment 5


Part 1 - SCAMPER

For part 1 of the assignment, I incorporated multiple questions for each section in order to get broad ideas for my product.
My sub-them was winter outerwear, for this assignment, I narrowed down my topic to a specific product: winter coat.

Different material

  • Wool

  • Down

  • Cattail

  • Dried leaves

  • Cardboard

  • Foam (Spray foam)

  • Plastic

  • Newspapers

  • Sustained hot-warm water

Different shape

  • Quilted triangle to produce bags of air/wool/down for insulation

Replace/change parts

  • The hoodie could be made into a helmet for blocking the cold air

  • The end of the sleeve could be a glove

Change its color/roughness/smell

  • Black (absorbing heat)

  • Cookie smell that makes users feel homey, therefore users are warm mentally

  • Furry surface that increase the warm feels


For this part, I started drawing a normal winter coat, and then added other things that I thought were necessary.


What other ideas does it suggest?

  • Sleeping bag - the materials were similar for both products

  • Insulator - for holding cups and other hot product

  • Blanket - big warm quilted blanket for winter

What ideas outside my filed can I incorporate?

  • Hand warmer - something like hand warmer could perhaps got build within the coat itself.

  • Solar heating - the layer on the outside could be made in the material that absorb sunlight, like solar panel



  • Make the inner space of sleeves bigger, but still be insulated. With bigger space inside the sleeves, user could put more layers of cloth under (extending the space).


  • One thing to minify the coat would be adding a layer inside the coat to wrap up user's body in order to keep users warm in a tiny space (decrease the space).


Put to other use
Are there any possible uses if it's modified?

  • It could be cut off and turned into a heating pad. The heating pad would be in the pillow-like shape and it would have a hole run through for users to put their hands in.

What else can it be made from?

  • Foam, which is a great insulator

  • Nylon

  • A layer that contains hot-warm running water

  • Electrical generated heated material that keeps user warm


What part can be removed (or non-essential) for simplification?

  • The quilted feature does keep users warm but also makes users look bulky in their coat. Perhaps we could get rid of the amount of air inside the quilted bag, and replace the air with some warm fur, and make the inner part of the coat warmer by adding a surface of fur as well.

Could it be split into different parts?

  • The coat could be attached piece from different component. Users could choose what to wear depend on how cold it is out.


Perhaps it could be made in different patterns, layouts, or sequences.

  • Different patterns for making quilt so the winter coat would be very stylish.

  • Different fabrics for making the quilt.

Thinking in opposite direction

  • Summer looking for winter coat!


Part 2 - Morphological Analysis

For part 2, I initially was thinking of doing TRIZ, but I was struggling with what type of problem I should start with, so I ended up doing morphological analysis. Gladly, I ended up with some new ideas for the same subject from part 1: winter coat!


The first idea from the morphological table was to have a one-piece winter coat that had self-heating function. It would heat up automatically in cold weather, and cool down when person was at indoor. The one-piece coat would have a handle attached on the back for users to carry it easily.


The second idea I came up was to have a collaged coat, so users could take it into pieces and fold it into small bundle. Each piece would be a separate heating pad, this way the coat would keep the users warm in the winter.


Part 3 - Manipulation of ideas from blue sky

For this part, I went over the ideas from last week, realized most of the ideas were hard to revise into something feasible, I did found that some of the ideas had potential. I ended up with 3 revised ideas from last week.

One idea my friend had was to carry a Charmander from pokemon around. I revised the idea into a pokemon heating ball. It would be similar to a heating pad, but in this case, it was a pokemon ball. You could store these in your pockets to make your coat warm.


One of my friend had an idea of growing your hair in the winter to keep yourself warm. I thought of having a hair hat, in which it would contain a layer of hair, and you could choose to pull down the hair to keep yourself warm in the winter (good for people with short hair)


The third revised idea came from a friend who was thinking of doing a vacuum, which suck the winter outerwear in, in order to save space. My revised idea was to make a bear coat for kids. The coat would have a bear attached on the back, and whenever you feel you want to store the coat, you could fold the coat into the bear and zip it up. And now you have a bear toy to play with.


Part 4 - Gallery of 10 IDEAS











Assignment 4


Before getting together bunch of my friend for assignment 4, firstly, I came up with two "How might we..." questions based on the problem statement from last week.

........"How might we keep ourselves warm with less winter wears?"
........"How might we spend less space to keep our winter outerwear?"

I then planned out the whole activity ahead of time in order to run the session more efficiently. I pre-cut bunch of white sheets into half and prepared more than 100 sheets for both sessions. I then decided what kind of improve games to play with, and the games were "Red Ball" and a new game "Who's Spy". I had also prepared a list of words with random objects and fictional figures, and a bag of almond chocolate to boot up my group's creativity (also to thank them for their time and help for my assignment).

First Session: "How might we keep ourselves warm with less winter wears?"

Once my group (friends of five: Lucy, Anna, Lan, Fang, and Kwen) showed up we started with the warm up game "Red Ball". I used this game since I thought this game was a good way to get everyone set in the mind of creativity because they had to think what types of ball to pass, I thought someone might came up with very creative ball.


I also videotaped the whole activity, but for the sake of privacy, I would only show the photos.

The second game I asked them to play was called "Who's Spy". The rule of the game was to give individual a word, and one of them (the spy) would end up with a totally different word. None of them knew what word the other people got. When the game started, each of them had to describe their own words, and after one round (when everyone had a chance to say about their word), they had to eliminate the spy based on their own judgment of who's spy. When only two people were left in this game and the spy was still not out, the spy then won the game. Vice Versa, the other players would win. The fun part of the game was that the spy might realize that he had a different word and knew what the other word was, in order to stay, he/she might sleek through the game.

For the first game of Who's Spy, I prepared the word Pepsi and Coca Cola. Anna had the word Coca Cola; everyone else had the word Pepsi.

1st round
Fang: a type of beverage
Lucy: carbonated
Anna: go with fast food
Kwen: brown
Lan: taste better when you add ice
Since everyone thought it was only the first round, everyone's answer seemed to be right, and they could not decide who the spy was. So we went for another round.
(It was really fun to see everyone got into debate of who's spy. Lucy was being very humorous when she asked Kwen: is your word soy sauce?)

2nd round
Fang: this beverage has different categories such as diet and regular
Lucy: this beverage has an opponent who is also producing the same kind of beverage
Anna: in order to beat its opponent, this beverage produced different types of flavors
Kwen: the company had failed in producing a different flavor so they had to change to its classical flavor
Lan: I don't usually drink this brand...
After the second round, everyone decided that Lan was out, therefore she was out. The game continued since the spy was not Lan.

3nd round
Fang: it has different type of package from mini size to bigger size
Lucy: it won't taste good when you let it stay outside for very long
Anna: it will explode when you add Mentos in
Kwen: the beverage was invented by a pharmacist
The vote became a tie, and the group had to go for another round.

4th round
Fang: the beverage had a commercial in which a man stepped on the opponent's beverage
Lucy: its CEO is a female
Anna: I love to drink it
Kwen: its CEO is an Indian
Lucy and Kwen both agreed on each other, they both pointed at Fang, and Fang was out, the game continued. Lucy and Kwen then realized that Anna was the spy, who still didn't realize that she was spy even until the last moment.

After the warm-up, I introduced the real activity to my group, each of them were given a different colored pen to identify each other's ideas.
Fang: dark red
Lucy: black
Anna: blue
Kwen: green
Lan: red

After 10 minutes of the first session, I showed them a list of words I had prepared.



The whole session goes up to 20 minutes, and the group ended up with 36 ideas, about 0.4 (0.36) idea per person per minute.
I had the group do the silent sort method to categorize their ideas, and the categories ended up being: clothing, pills and cream, medieval, futuristic technology that might never came true.


Second Session: "How might we spend less space to keep our winter outerwear?"

Before the second session, I had the group do another spy game. This time they were given the words winter jacket and winter coat. I won't go in detail this time since I felt I went too detailed for the pepsi vs. coca cola. The result was that the spy Lucy won the game, and it was because the group had different understanding on the differences between jacket and coat.

The second session followed the same format as the first session, but this time, I hand them a bag of almond chocolate to increase their dopamine.



The group ended up with 38 ideas, 2 ideas more than last session! And the IPM this time was still about 0.4 (0.38) idea per person per minute. With silent sort method, 10 minutes later, the ideas were categorized into: container (such as bag), futuristic technology (different dimension), and technique


After the first session, I realized it was a bad idea to do this type of activity with my friends. Often the time, my friends would draw bunch of drawings that were embarrassing for me to even talk about. Those drawing were still useful and were solutions to the problem, but they were inappropriate to mention.

In order to decide 5 best ones from each session, I asked my friends to put two filled circle on the ones they thought were most creative, and two unfilled circle on the ones they thought were most useful/feasible. In the end, I got to put all the ones with circle together and decided the best 5 from each session.

Best Fives from First Session

1. Charmander: Kwen's idea of having a Charmander from Pokemon that blows fire.


2. Heated walking Ball: Lucy's idea of having a invisible heated ball around you. Even though she wrote naked on the paper, I'm sure you could have your cloth on while walking in the heated ball.


3. Invisible heating pad: Fang's idea of sticking the little round pad on your skin to generate heat to your body.


4. Hair tonic: Lan's idea of using hair tonic to grow your hair in the winter, which keeps you warm during the cold winter.


5. Tablets: Kwen's tablets that generates heat in you once you had them.


Best Fives from Second Session

1. Storage Tablet: Anna's idea of having a tablet that could enlarge and decrease in size. So you can put your winter outerwear inside the tablet and decrease the size of tablet to easily store you winter wear.


2. Expandable Winter Outerwear: Lucy's idea of having an expandable outerwear, it's similar to the expandable towel.


3. 3D Printer for storage: Kwen's idea of having a 3D printer, that you could simply put your winter outerwear into a printer, which print your winter outerwear onto a sheet of paper for you to carry around.


4. Robot Folder: Lucy's idea of folding all your outerwear into a robot, which follows you where ever you go.


5. Cloth vacuum: Fang's idea of sucking all of your cloth into a bear shaped pillow, your outerwear gets compressed through the powerful suction.


Assignment 3


Part 1
Before starting on the assignment 3, I did take glance over the required readings. What I learned from "Bootcamp Bootlet" was the strategy on interview.

Remember to:
ask why
ask specific instance
encourage stories
no binary questions
one question at a time

The hardest part I found during the interview was avoiding the 2-3 words answers, I found it to be very hard to really delve deep into the interview to really get into the mind of people, or maybe the people I interviewed on happened to be not having to much feelings about what I was asking?
In the mean time, below are the four interviews I did for the ASK part!
I did interviews on people who are different gendered and aged, mainly to get different perspective out from people.
[Click on the image to see full size]

assignment 3 interviews Kelsey.jpg

assignment 3 interviews Joe.jpg

assignment 3 interviews Lisa.jpg

assignment 3 interviews Dan.jpg

For the OBSERVE part of the assignment, I basically paid close attention to the people I encounter on the street.
Almost every one I saw either had a jacket or coat. Some wears hat and gloves, some don't.
A insight I got from the observation is that what kind of outerwear a person have on them really depends on the person. Some might handle the cold weather very well, some don't.
For me personally, I like winter more than I like summer. However, I could not stand the winter cold wind blowing on me, the cold weather makes me have headache, often the time my ear and nose also hurts.

For the EXPERIENCE part of the assignment, I had to put on different winter wear to compare which one works the best (and it is awkward to capture pictures of myself...)
I decided to do comparison between different product on different types of outerwear.
[click on the image to see the full size]

jacket vs coat.jpg

glove comparison.jpg

whole picture.jpg

and by the way, if I'm carrying my scarf, ear muffs, gloves, hat with me, my backpack is going to be packed...I really hope that I could possibly carry less outerwear and still be warm in the winter.

Part 2
For part 2 of the assignment, I started a bug list on the back of my design notebook.
So far the page only has minimum bugs, but I'm sure it will grow longer as the course goes.

bug list.jpg

Assignment 2


In order to get into a playful mood before start generating ideas for the assignment, I ended up play a "build up a story" improv game with my friends, it's the story game that starts with "once upon a time". I believe we all played this in class, and I even got to play this game at HUGE as well.
We decide the order of story tellers by drawing card, the "joker" goes first, "A" goes second, and "2" goes the last.



And the final story goes like this:

[Friend A]: once upon a time, there was a mountain.
[Friend B]: up on the mountain, existed a tiny wood-house
[Me]: inside the wood-house, lived a couple of beer bottles.
[A]: The two bottles are named "Green" and "Clear", Clear loves Green very much
[B]: Their love were not allowed by their parents, and they had to elope from their family.
[Me]: But because Clear is so in loved with Green, he disobeyed his parents and took Green with him, and ran away in a car. They end up finding the old broken wood-house in the mountain.
[A]: However, Clear was injured on the way to the wood-house, he was 1/3 broken.
[B]: Green didn't mind Clear's inperfection and thanked Clear for his courage and love, which brought them together...they lived happily together until...
[Me]: until one day, a hungry pauper was looking for food and accidentally found the existing of the wood-house. He walked in and saw the two beer bottles, he decided to take the green bottle so he could use the good bottle to carry water.
[A]: Green didn't want to leave Clear, so she ran herself onto the ground and broke into pieces. However, she was now more injured than Clear.
[B]: The hungry pauper noticed that Green was also broken, his interest of the green bottle got wore off, and decide to leave without the green bottle. At the same time, Clear found out that Green was gone, so Clear went out on his way looking for Green. However, Clear passed by Green but did not see Green because Green was laying on the grass, her color got blended into the color of grass. In the meantime, a crow was flying over the area...
[Me]: the crow saw Green because she was so shiny. The crow landed onto the grass and picked up parts from Green.
[A]: Green knew that her life is about to end, she felt it's understandable if Clear decided to ditch her. At the same time, Clear was still searching for Green, and he enventually find her. When he went up to Green, Green said to him that "I have nothing left but my broken body, you can go if you want to." Clear replied "you know I'm clear and I've been invasible the whole time. You are the only one who took notice on me and loved me for the entire time. I'll always love you no matter how broken you are."
[B]: with that being said, Clear ran himself onto the ground and hit himself as hard as possible, and he ended up being as broken as Green is.
[Me]: Ever since that they stayed together, until many years after, a group of people from "Clean Project" came and cleared out their broken pieces from the area.

For part II of the assignment, I made a mind map to expand my thoughts and ideas on the theme of winter. I didn't want to go too far and tried to stay more closely within the theme of winter.

[Click on the picture to view the full size]


After receiving email from Barry, I realized that my 3 sub-themes were not clearly posted, and some of my sub-themes were too general.
So I started on doing an new mind map. But since I already had some silly ideas (that I think were good), I found myself trying to cross some sub-sub-themes in between sub-themes, so I could have three clear sub-themes and have products that are at the boarder to be included inside the sub-theme.

And my new mind map ended up like this

[Again, click on the picture to view the full size!]

mind map.JPG

My 3 sub-themes ended up being: Winter Warming Products (especially for head part, with exceptions), Xmas Tree, and Dry Indoor Air

Part III
The 10 silly ideas I had for my winter related product:

1. Earmuffphone: an earmuffs that functions as a headphone, so you could talk on the phone and listening to music without having your hands out. It keeps your ears warm, and comes with an hat.

1. Earmuffheadphone.JPG

2. Getting Better Mask: a special mask that prevents cold wind blowing into your mouth and keeps you warm. It also has a little pocket on the inside of the mask, and you can put your pills in it, the pocket then compresses the pill into air, and you inhale the pill by breathing.

3. Getter better mask.JPG

3. Hand Warmer Gloves: basically, it's a hands warmer in the form of gloves. The hands warmer generates heat automatically based on how cold it is outside (and it gets even warmer when you are in a colder place), it cools down when you are indoor (when the temperature isn't low, and you don't need the warmer).

2. Hands-warmer-gloves.JPG

4. Snowshoeing Boots: A boots with attached snowshoes that is detachable from your shoes. You could wear the boots and walk on snow like you are on snowshoes, you can also take it off and wear it like normal boots.

4. Snowshoeing Boots.JPG

5. Christmas Tree Creator: it's the base(comes in different shape) of Christmas tree, you can simply draw a Christmas tree on the card(with decorations on it), and slide your drawing into the gap of the base, and the base will create the Christmas tree that is on the card when you turn on the switch. Turn the switch off when you no longer want a Christmas tree or when you want to redraw a tree.

5. Xmas base.JPG

6. Christmas Heating Light: it's a special set of Christmas light that generates hear like a heater. You can hang it onto your Christmas tree and sit under the three with your friends and family, and feel the warmness. You can also decorate you room with this light and make your room a warm place to stay. It comes in various shape and color.

6. Xmas light.JPG

7. Gift Wrapper Robot: it's a box (or you could call it robot), in which you put the gift in, it wrap your gift for you.

7. Gift Wrapper.JPG

8. Hairmet: basically, it's a helmet shaped blow dryer. It's solar charged, and blow dries your hair instantly.

8. Blowdry helmet.JPG

9. Frizzy Comb: when you comb your hair with this frizzy comb, your hair will no longer by frizzy in the dry air in the winter.

9. Frizzy Comb.JPG

10. Winter Lotion: it's a lotion that once you applied on your skin, you will be discharged from static electricity shock. You no longer need to worry about getting shocked in the winter and you can go pet your cat without getting shocked. It last 24 hours, so you don't have to apply it that often.

10. Winter Lotion.JPG

The last idea had a cat being the decoration of the lotion bottle, the idea of putting the cat on the bottle came from my cat, who got in my way while I was revising my mind map and product ideas.
Thanks to my cat without whom this blog post would be finished editing half hour earlier, and my laptop wouldn't have to be forced to shutdown.


Assignment 1


The content of the blog entry is in a format of image.
You can click on the images(thumbnails) displayed in the blog to view the full sized image XD

[First Trial]
Cookie first trial - 01.jpg

[Second Trial]
Cookie second trial-01.jpg

[Final Version]
Assignment final version-01.jpg

Realizing that I've missed the "ideation" part of this cookie making process after seeing the comments both from Ellen and Annika, I guess I'll add the missing component of the blog post, even though it might not be necessary anymore.

My initial idea was to make stuffed cookies, so I decided to go for cinnamon toast crunch in chocolate sauce (since I have both ingredients). I was hoping that the chocolate covered cinnamon toast crunch would gets hard inside the soft chewy cookie. Eventually, I ended up refrigerating the cookie. And when I tried the cookie the next morning, the inside part of the cookie did meet my expectation, however, the cookie itself was also hard, and the taste of the cookie faded a little (or maybe it was because of the lack of sugar, or even because of the cocoa powder isn't too sweet)

Before my second attempt of baking the cookie, I was thinking what if I forget about making a cookie dough and just go for something totally different. So I thought of making Baklava cookies. I was thinking it would be interesting and tasteful if I would add different flavors into different layers of the Baklava. However, the idea was abandoned after my research in how to make Phyllo dough, it was time consuming to have to rise the dough for multiple times.

Eventually, I ended up doing the normal cookie dough, but tried with different combination of flavors, and this was my second attempt.

My third attempt came after the conclusion from both first attempt and second attempt. I just took what worked the best into my final cookie recipe and ended up with the "Breakfast Cookie"



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