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[First Trial]
Cookie first trial - 01.jpg

[Second Trial]
Cookie second trial-01.jpg

[Final Version]
Assignment final version-01.jpg

Realizing that I've missed the "ideation" part of this cookie making process after seeing the comments both from Ellen and Annika, I guess I'll add the missing component of the blog post, even though it might not be necessary anymore.

My initial idea was to make stuffed cookies, so I decided to go for cinnamon toast crunch in chocolate sauce (since I have both ingredients). I was hoping that the chocolate covered cinnamon toast crunch would gets hard inside the soft chewy cookie. Eventually, I ended up refrigerating the cookie. And when I tried the cookie the next morning, the inside part of the cookie did meet my expectation, however, the cookie itself was also hard, and the taste of the cookie faded a little (or maybe it was because of the lack of sugar, or even because of the cocoa powder isn't too sweet)

Before my second attempt of baking the cookie, I was thinking what if I forget about making a cookie dough and just go for something totally different. So I thought of making Baklava cookies. I was thinking it would be interesting and tasteful if I would add different flavors into different layers of the Baklava. However, the idea was abandoned after my research in how to make Phyllo dough, it was time consuming to have to rise the dough for multiple times.

Eventually, I ended up doing the normal cookie dough, but tried with different combination of flavors, and this was my second attempt.

My third attempt came after the conclusion from both first attempt and second attempt. I just took what worked the best into my final cookie recipe and ended up with the "Breakfast Cookie"


Your cookie tasted really good. I would have loved to have had some information about your ideation and how you came up with your first ideas. Your blog layout with the image is okay. I think I would prefer to read text on the actual page, though. The screen image in the background is somewhat distracting. You documented your process quite well, but I would have liked to have been able to read more insight into why you made the decisions that you did.+

Hello XinZhu:
Your post is so ORGANIZED and clear. I think using pictures as the demonstrations is a great idea. Especially your second trial, you have all different types of cookies lay out, and that is very cool. It’s a pleasure to read your post and your final version looks really delicious. A little bit advice. Even though using images to share ideas is a great way, the post feels very “official” to me, if you could type more personal feelings in between these pictures, then it would be perfect. Also maybe try something EVEN CRAZIER. Your ingredients combinations are still a little bit common, and I can see your potential, so maybe next time don’t be afraid of trying crazy stuff, I think you will do even better.
Annika (Qun) Yan

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