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In order to get into a playful mood before start generating ideas for the assignment, I ended up play a "build up a story" improv game with my friends, it's the story game that starts with "once upon a time". I believe we all played this in class, and I even got to play this game at HUGE as well.
We decide the order of story tellers by drawing card, the "joker" goes first, "A" goes second, and "2" goes the last.



And the final story goes like this:

[Friend A]: once upon a time, there was a mountain.
[Friend B]: up on the mountain, existed a tiny wood-house
[Me]: inside the wood-house, lived a couple of beer bottles.
[A]: The two bottles are named "Green" and "Clear", Clear loves Green very much
[B]: Their love were not allowed by their parents, and they had to elope from their family.
[Me]: But because Clear is so in loved with Green, he disobeyed his parents and took Green with him, and ran away in a car. They end up finding the old broken wood-house in the mountain.
[A]: However, Clear was injured on the way to the wood-house, he was 1/3 broken.
[B]: Green didn't mind Clear's inperfection and thanked Clear for his courage and love, which brought them together...they lived happily together until...
[Me]: until one day, a hungry pauper was looking for food and accidentally found the existing of the wood-house. He walked in and saw the two beer bottles, he decided to take the green bottle so he could use the good bottle to carry water.
[A]: Green didn't want to leave Clear, so she ran herself onto the ground and broke into pieces. However, she was now more injured than Clear.
[B]: The hungry pauper noticed that Green was also broken, his interest of the green bottle got wore off, and decide to leave without the green bottle. At the same time, Clear found out that Green was gone, so Clear went out on his way looking for Green. However, Clear passed by Green but did not see Green because Green was laying on the grass, her color got blended into the color of grass. In the meantime, a crow was flying over the area...
[Me]: the crow saw Green because she was so shiny. The crow landed onto the grass and picked up parts from Green.
[A]: Green knew that her life is about to end, she felt it's understandable if Clear decided to ditch her. At the same time, Clear was still searching for Green, and he enventually find her. When he went up to Green, Green said to him that "I have nothing left but my broken body, you can go if you want to." Clear replied "you know I'm clear and I've been invasible the whole time. You are the only one who took notice on me and loved me for the entire time. I'll always love you no matter how broken you are."
[B]: with that being said, Clear ran himself onto the ground and hit himself as hard as possible, and he ended up being as broken as Green is.
[Me]: Ever since that they stayed together, until many years after, a group of people from "Clean Project" came and cleared out their broken pieces from the area.

For part II of the assignment, I made a mind map to expand my thoughts and ideas on the theme of winter. I didn't want to go too far and tried to stay more closely within the theme of winter.

[Click on the picture to view the full size]


After receiving email from Barry, I realized that my 3 sub-themes were not clearly posted, and some of my sub-themes were too general.
So I started on doing an new mind map. But since I already had some silly ideas (that I think were good), I found myself trying to cross some sub-sub-themes in between sub-themes, so I could have three clear sub-themes and have products that are at the boarder to be included inside the sub-theme.

And my new mind map ended up like this

[Again, click on the picture to view the full size!]

mind map.JPG

My 3 sub-themes ended up being: Winter Warming Products (especially for head part, with exceptions), Xmas Tree, and Dry Indoor Air

Part III
The 10 silly ideas I had for my winter related product:

1. Earmuffphone: an earmuffs that functions as a headphone, so you could talk on the phone and listening to music without having your hands out. It keeps your ears warm, and comes with an hat.

1. Earmuffheadphone.JPG

2. Getting Better Mask: a special mask that prevents cold wind blowing into your mouth and keeps you warm. It also has a little pocket on the inside of the mask, and you can put your pills in it, the pocket then compresses the pill into air, and you inhale the pill by breathing.

3. Getter better mask.JPG

3. Hand Warmer Gloves: basically, it's a hands warmer in the form of gloves. The hands warmer generates heat automatically based on how cold it is outside (and it gets even warmer when you are in a colder place), it cools down when you are indoor (when the temperature isn't low, and you don't need the warmer).

2. Hands-warmer-gloves.JPG

4. Snowshoeing Boots: A boots with attached snowshoes that is detachable from your shoes. You could wear the boots and walk on snow like you are on snowshoes, you can also take it off and wear it like normal boots.

4. Snowshoeing Boots.JPG

5. Christmas Tree Creator: it's the base(comes in different shape) of Christmas tree, you can simply draw a Christmas tree on the card(with decorations on it), and slide your drawing into the gap of the base, and the base will create the Christmas tree that is on the card when you turn on the switch. Turn the switch off when you no longer want a Christmas tree or when you want to redraw a tree.

5. Xmas base.JPG

6. Christmas Heating Light: it's a special set of Christmas light that generates hear like a heater. You can hang it onto your Christmas tree and sit under the three with your friends and family, and feel the warmness. You can also decorate you room with this light and make your room a warm place to stay. It comes in various shape and color.

6. Xmas light.JPG

7. Gift Wrapper Robot: it's a box (or you could call it robot), in which you put the gift in, it wrap your gift for you.

7. Gift Wrapper.JPG

8. Hairmet: basically, it's a helmet shaped blow dryer. It's solar charged, and blow dries your hair instantly.

8. Blowdry helmet.JPG

9. Frizzy Comb: when you comb your hair with this frizzy comb, your hair will no longer by frizzy in the dry air in the winter.

9. Frizzy Comb.JPG

10. Winter Lotion: it's a lotion that once you applied on your skin, you will be discharged from static electricity shock. You no longer need to worry about getting shocked in the winter and you can go pet your cat without getting shocked. It last 24 hours, so you don't have to apply it that often.

10. Winter Lotion.JPG

The last idea had a cat being the decoration of the lotion bottle, the idea of putting the cat on the bottle came from my cat, who got in my way while I was revising my mind map and product ideas.
Thanks to my cat without whom this blog post would be finished editing half hour earlier, and my laptop wouldn't have to be forced to shutdown.



I enjoyed reading your blog. I have a few suggestions on how to improve: While the cat story added some human interest, and it was nice to see the cat, perhaps one or two pictures would have sufficed. I am not sure how idea 7 is winter related, although this might be due to my gender and hair length. Is 5 a light projector? Your colors were good for the map, and I was a bit confused for the card game in the beginning.

Just wanted to start off by saying that you're blog is formatted really well and that makes this whole process a lot more pleasant!
I think doing multiple mind maps was a very intelligent idea, although I think you could have given yourself more freedom in your second mind map. I think you might have limited yourself a bit too much with the categories, so next time maybe don't write down the sub-categories to subconsciously open up your mind.
With your sketches, which look great(!), thinking of possible ways the sketches would function would be beneficial, especially because several seem very difficult to create. BUT, in this stage that is probably less important.
Great post!

the process of your playful plan was detailed and the description og what the story was with your friends was very helpful to read. did this help apply to any of your mind map ideas as well?

the change and switch of the mind map to make it clearer was a definite plus. maybe more imagery would have also added to this since you reformatted the mind map again.

the ideas seem very clever and fit the theme of winter and even the ideas of gifts fro the winter season. i would love to know how some of the ideas would work, but this is an idea generation so that doesn't matter haha.

Very playful blog! I would tone down the photos of the cats and the game at the beginning and focus on adding more process work. It would also be nice to see/read about the ideas that encouraged your designs. I appreciate that you noted your changes since the lecture on Tuesday and that I could see thoughtful placement and editing of your images.

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