Assignment 3


Part 1
Before starting on the assignment 3, I did take glance over the required readings. What I learned from "Bootcamp Bootlet" was the strategy on interview.

Remember to:
ask why
ask specific instance
encourage stories
no binary questions
one question at a time

The hardest part I found during the interview was avoiding the 2-3 words answers, I found it to be very hard to really delve deep into the interview to really get into the mind of people, or maybe the people I interviewed on happened to be not having to much feelings about what I was asking?
In the mean time, below are the four interviews I did for the ASK part!
I did interviews on people who are different gendered and aged, mainly to get different perspective out from people.
[Click on the image to see full size]

assignment 3 interviews Kelsey.jpg

assignment 3 interviews Joe.jpg

assignment 3 interviews Lisa.jpg

assignment 3 interviews Dan.jpg

For the OBSERVE part of the assignment, I basically paid close attention to the people I encounter on the street.
Almost every one I saw either had a jacket or coat. Some wears hat and gloves, some don't.
A insight I got from the observation is that what kind of outerwear a person have on them really depends on the person. Some might handle the cold weather very well, some don't.
For me personally, I like winter more than I like summer. However, I could not stand the winter cold wind blowing on me, the cold weather makes me have headache, often the time my ear and nose also hurts.

For the EXPERIENCE part of the assignment, I had to put on different winter wear to compare which one works the best (and it is awkward to capture pictures of myself...)
I decided to do comparison between different product on different types of outerwear.
[click on the image to see the full size]

jacket vs coat.jpg

glove comparison.jpg

whole picture.jpg

and by the way, if I'm carrying my scarf, ear muffs, gloves, hat with me, my backpack is going to be packed...I really hope that I could possibly carry less outerwear and still be warm in the winter.

Part 2
For part 2 of the assignment, I started a bug list on the back of my design notebook.
So far the page only has minimum bugs, but I'm sure it will grow longer as the course goes.

bug list.jpg


Hi Xinzhu,
The first thing I notice about your blog is the depth at which you documented your findings. You have included a very detailed description of not only your findings, but also your thought process which I think is good. It is good because the reader is able to understand why you did something or what you thought did or did not work out.

The number of pictures included in your blog is good and the amount of text is good as well. I don't feel overwhelmed by one or the other - good balance. I can see you spent time on the layout which I appreciate. It makes the blog interesting and keeps me wanting to read it. One small critic I have for the layout though is to try to keep things consistent. For example, your interview and your experience sections could be formatted in a similar way. I think this would help unify the blog and tie all the sections together. Overall, great job! I can see that this is definitely a topic you are interested in!

I liked how you had different colored backgrounds but it made it a bit tricky to get a comprehensive whole. Maybe some spacing would help?
It would be useful if your sub-theme was prominently stated. It seems like it is "outerwear". I do not know if this is in your control, but that seems too broad. In your pics you are checking out coats, gloves, ear muffs, scarfs, etc.
Lastly, I understand there is a language barrier but some of the grammatical mistakes detract from the reading experience. It would be one thing if you avoided capital letters entirely (there are enough artsy people in our class who would do that) but either way make it constant.

Your comprehension and careful inclusion of all required aspects is commendable. However, I'm a bit confused on what your topic is. Outerwear? Scarves? Hats? I appreciated how your formatted each of your interviews and included pictures of yourself with the interviewees so that we know that your information is genuine! I was also pleased to see that you commented on the Bootcamp Booklet and applied what you learned to your interviews. It doesn't seem like you got too much information out of your last three interviews, however. They seemed to give only a few words responses. Perhaps you could have pushed them to be more specific and elaborate upon stories. It was great that you included an expert from Target who actually designs outerwear! It could have been beneficial to spend more time observing how people use their outerwear, meaning put on, take off, or while their moving around; rather that what type. It was great researched that you played with so many types of outerwear! About the layout of the blog, the pictures enhance the reader's experience but better quality/lighting and spacing in between would contribute to an overall cleaner blog display.

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